Friday, May 30

Of trees and lurgies

I've been busy, with a burst of orders and a bunch of clothes going off to Evie Lala, sewing machine problems and a poor, sickly daughter. She is on the mend but has had her first illness other than colds. She had an ear infection and a bit of bronchitis and had to have her first antibiotics. Luckily she loves taking medicine and says me me me me and then more more more.

I have a terrible cold now too and, in a strange way, I've really valued the time Chloe and I have spent cuddled up and feeling nasty. It has made me stop worrying about trying to get things done and just be happy to snuggle up with her. I think 'I must do this more when we are well' but then remember that Chloe won't keep still for more than a couple of seconds for cuddles!

One of the things I most like about where we live is the parks. They have a lot of European trees and I can't help but be moved by them. They remind me of my childhood and the time before my eye took on the ability to see beauty in the grey green of Tasmania's native forests. There is something about the lush green and the deep, cool shade underneath on a hot summer's day that I wouldn't like to be without. I know these trees are so inappropriate for our climate, especially in drought years like this, but I do love them.

It occurred to me that they're is one benefit to having them here than the ones in Scottish places of my childhood. That is the fact that the fallen leaves are dry and great for kicking, running in and playing. I love the crackling noise of shuffling through the leaves and I remember being disappointed in Scotland when it had rained and the leaves were a sodden, heavy pile.

The photos were taken a couple of weekends ago before the colds set in.

Saturday, May 24


We've just returned from a splendid late lunch at friends. Osso bucco followed by creme brulee. Nice wine and coffee. I'm, to use a great Australianism, full as a goog.

The three little girls had a lovely time playing and had their bath together. So cute.

Yesterday Sam surprised me with lunch at a local winery. Grilled flathead on chat potatoes followed by rhubarb and apple crumble with custard and apple sorbet. Sparkling wine and coffee. Needless to say I ate a bit too much then as well.

I'm feeling a bit spoilt - and I haven't done much work for a few days!

Wednesday, May 21


We spend quite a lot of time at Launceston's City Park and, although you would never guess from this photo, Chloe loves to ride her trike there. If her parents have their way she'll do a lot of cycling in her life. We are keen to do some cycle touring with her and Sam has bought a child trailer for his bike. The only sticking point at the moment is her mummy's lack of fitness. Typical!
Go check out Meet Me at Mikes blog for some great photos of an envy inducing collection of vintage Scandinavian crockery. I, for one, am very jealous.

Tuesday, May 20

Morning tea

Today was Australia's Biggest Morning Tea a Cancer Council fundraising event. Chloe and I went to a morning tea at a good friends house and had a lovely time, eating, drinking and playing. In this spirit I thought I'd put up a recipe. Chloe and I have been going through a bit of a gingerbread man phase. The recipe is from a cookbook I had as a child hence the great aprons and wallpaper.

Gingerbread Men
100g plain flour
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
25g brown sugar
50g butter
75g golden syrup
1 tsp ground ginger
More flour for rolling
Pre-heat oven to 190 degrees C.
Cream butter and sugar. Mix in the golden syrup and ginger followed by the flour and bicarb.
Roll out on a board to about 4mm thick using lots of flour or it will stick.
Cut lots of cute men and women and babies and decorate - we use little m&M type chocolates.
Bake for 10 - 12 minutes.
Put the kettle on and make a cup of tea. Sit down and enjoy.

Sunday, May 18


We've had a nice day with friends, chatting, playing, eating. Very gentle and relaxed. Sam made a beautiful tarte tatin. I'm eternally happy to have a hubbie who cooks, and, not just that, isn't afraid to try new recipes. Today was his first attempt at pastry and it was a great success.

No photos - so instead - two gratuitous shots of the beautiful island we live in. These photos are both taken at Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania's east coast on a peaceful weekend we spent pre Chloe. We must return soon.

Friday, May 16

Indigo quilt

In the spirit of Loobylu's Friday Archives I thought I'd put up a picture of something I made a few years ago. It's a cot quilt made long before Chloe was born - before we even owned a cot! The fabrics are vintage Japanese cottons. The placing of the pieces was almost entirely due to me being unable to bear the thought of cutting the fabrics. I was really happy with how it turned out.

Now for the big question! What is this quilt doing now?

Sitting in a box in the wardrobe. How sad is that - once Chloe came along and we realised just what a chucky baby she was the quilt got put away. I think I'll go and put it into use now - the chucky days are gone! Yay!

Thursday, May 15


Guess what? I just came across my dresses on Babyology! How exciting!

The birdies are back

Just a quick note to say I managed to get hols of some more birdie fabric in brown and apple green. So the chocolate birdie pants are back. These sold out while ago and I expect they'll sell quickly again. See what you think.

The picture above is Chloe way back in late December and she is still wearing her pair.

These pants are also available at Evie Lala.

Wednesday, May 14

Shop update

My denim skirts are now available in three colour options. Red, aqua or pink trim. I thought it would be great to have more variety of these so they can go with more outfits. Chloe has had so many compliments in her red trimmed skirt. They are available at my Etsy and daWanda shops and will soon be available at my made it store too.

The skirts are also available with the label on the inside if you prefer.

Tuesday, May 13

Sometimes I think that starting Black Eyed Susie was just an excuse to do more shopping. One of my main reasons for creating Black Eyed Susie was because I wanted to buy fabric, lots of lovely fabric. Then I joined Etsy and discovered all the other lovely things I could buy!

I coveted a Moop bag from almost the first time I went on Etsy but I was tough and waited until I'd sold a few things myself (although, if I'm totally honest it was just that I had trouble deciding which bag to buy). Now here it is. It came about a week ago and I just love it.

The badges are not from Moop. I got them at Cocoon in Launceston and I can't remember the name of the designers. If anyone knows please tell me. They are gorgeous and the perfect colours.

Sunday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day!

BLOGWARMING still on 15% off Etsy and Madeit purchases until midnight tonight. Just mention my blog on purchasing.

Well, Happy Mother's Day to any mums who happen to read this. As part of my lovely Mother's Day I took a trip out to Evandale Markets to get some more vintage kimono silks. No photos yet but the picture (bad photo and doesn't do it justice - I'm sorry!) above is of a piece I bought years ago and used to make cushions for our home. The print is beautiful and very intricate and you can see the woven textures to. I just love it. Beautiful earthy colours and such a graceful stork.

I was treated to a great cooked breakfast by my hubbie and given a pretty painting by Chloe. I also have the promise of the purchase of a very cool, possibly 1950s, 1960s armchair that I spotted a few weeks ago. It desperately needs new cushions and upholstery but has great chrome arm rests - I can't describe it - you'll have to wait for a picture.

In Black Eyed Susie news I have some new corduroy pants in my shops. Grass green, biscuit and blue cowboys.

Friday, May 9

Where we live.

BLOGWARMING is still on 15 % off your order on Etsy or Madeit if you mention this blog!

Just thought I'd put up a photo or two of the beautiful state we live in. For those of you who may not know, it's Tasmania, the island at the south of Australia. We are very lucky to have a lot of wilderness areas still and my little family loves to get out in the bush whenever we can.

We managed to do our first overnight walk with Chloe back at Easter. It's a while ago I know but it gives me an excuse to put up some photos of Tassie. I carried Chloe (who is getting a bit too heavy!) and Sam carried most of the camping gear. It wasn't easy but we made it! The weather was perfect and the scenery stunning.

Tuesday, May 6

Vintage Kimono Silk

Welcome to the Blogwarming! See the post below for details!

I have a long standing collection of vintage kimono silk scraps. I've been buying these for at least 5 years now and every so often I'd get them out and examine them happily for a while. They are absolutely stunning and some of the silks are amazingly soft - age has softened them even more than they would have been new I think. I just love the intricacy of the designs many having both printed and woven designs layered onto each other. Stunning.

Happy as I was just owning these, I began making a few hair ties for myself with some of my favourites. Now these can be found for in a local store called cocoon and will be for sale at Evie Lala soon.

I'm totally thrilled that these fabrics are having a life outside of my stash and will be seen and appreciated by others. These photos are just a couple of examples.

Monday, May 5


Last night I had a great idea! How about a Blogwarming Party!

We meant to have a housewarming party about 5 years ago and still haven't - at least I can have a blogwarming.

So pass the champagne please. Anyone who mentions my blog in the notes to seller when purchasing at Etsy or Madeit will get 15% off for this week only. Offer ends midnight Sunday 11 May, 2008 (just to be totally specific, lets say Australian Eastern standard time).

The discount will be off your entire order and I will either refund you after payment or can send you a revised invoice after checkout.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Sunday, May 4


Every morning Chloe puts on her beads. She just loves them and when she catches sight of herself in a mirror she looks so proud. She also love hats and shoes. Particularly shoes. She is most impressed with her new black boots and will point down at them and say "shooooo."
I have a weakness for cute hair clips so today when she wore her new denim skirt for the first time she had her red beads, red hair clips and black boots to match. She was very pleased!

Saturday, May 3

Red rick rack skirt

Just a quick post before bed. I finally finished a little denim skirt design I've had hanging around for a while. It's very simple and really only required a few more minutes work - but you know how things go.

I'm really thrilled with it. In fact I'm going to put it on Chloe tomorrow and as often as possible. It is just so cute, sometimes the simplest designs are the best I think. And I do love a bit of rick rack.

Chloe has some new black leather boots and they will be perfect together. Can't wait to try it out.

On another issue though, Chloe has some new black leather boots and her poor mummy who has been saying for months that she wants some hasn't even tried any on. Ah, well, she'll look cuter in hers anyway!

Friday, May 2

One for the boys

Look at these cute little cowboys. I had a productive day today and got some new cuffed corduroy pants made. One version uses deep blue cord and this great fabric. Perfect for little boys (or maybe tomboys). Now which little boys do I know with a birthday soon?

I'm just hanging out for the terrible weather we're having to brighten so I can get some photos of these and I'll list them

Thursday, May 1

Playdough and Fabric Cheer

Today was a drab and dreary day weatherwise. Dull and uninspiring. Chloe and I made the most of it with puddle splashing, paper sticking, drawing and play dough mauling. See how intent she is on making her little creations.

And I hope you like the elephant I made. I was quietly flattered that Chloe could recognise most of my creations!

Just as we were about to go for a walk the rain set in, but then the postman came and everything was great! I can't wait to have some time to look at these properly and start thinking about what to do with them. There will be exciting things to come in the shop!

Little Birdies!

Just listed are some Little Birdie Pants in a new colourway. Orange birds, with white background and aqua 'grain' for them to peck. Please excuse the bad photos - it has been so dull here recently and I just had to give up waiting for a bright day.

I just love this fabric so much. It is out of production now and getting difficult to get hold of. I may be able to get my hands on some more of the brown colourway soon so if you are interested just let me know.

Oh, isn't she a darling?