Thursday, May 14

House update

Got the keys. Yay! Lot's of people have been through our old house - let's hope one of them like it!

We had a birthday dinner for my Mum at the new place last night. Very simple but nice. We haven't moved much into the new place yet. Just enough to manage a very simple dinner and enough to camp if we feel like it. I resorted to a packet tea cake so I didn't have to go back to the other house to cook. I put apple slices on top and we had good vanilla yoghurt with it. Remarkably good!

Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day all you Mums.

I've had pancakes, scones with jam and cream, chocolate cake, fudge and Sam's beautiful take on Salade Nicoise (which is my favourite meal). What a fat piglet I feel. We had a trip to Evandale Market where flowers were bought for me (and the chocolate cake, scones and fudge!), went to do a pre-settlement inspection of the new house (Tuesday - yay!) and then got some time to myself as I really want to polish off some orders before we get the house. I can see myself not wanting to spend much time sewing!

Please don't take the following as negative comments about being a Mum or my daughter. They're just how it is for me. I'm a little nervous about having another baby. There's the physical pain post birth and struggle to breastfeed from last time that worry me a little but the main thing is that I lost myself for a long time after I had Chloe. Maybe post natal depression, I'm not sure, I never talked to any doctors at the time and didn't recognise how bad things were. Anyway, it took me a while to feel like I'd come back or even realise I was still there somewhere. Today I've been thinking about it a bit. I've changed a lot since I had Chloe. I've done some study, started Black Eyed Susie and gained a lot of confidence, made a lot of new close friends and really feel much stronger. So I'm optimistic and (here's the point of this) I had a little moment today in the house by myself ironing some work with the music blasting where I felt completely me and completely happy.

Friday, May 8

Niche revisited

I got a bunch of work done today including some new badges and woollen purses for Cocoon and some hair accessories for Leeloo. I also have a number of orders from Niche underway (and I'm getting there in case any of you happen to be waiting for something!) Tonight we are just doing a bit of last minute preparation for our first open home. Unfortunately there was a little cornflake incident this morning that means the floors need remopped. Oh, well. Our plan is to get everything sorted tonight and then vacate as soon as we can in the morning. That way no unforeseen little girl mess can occur. We may go to Agfest to see some huge tractors and farm animals - Chloe will love it and in what seems like an age ago, I studied Ag Science so I (very) occasionally like to revisit that life.

Now to begin my chronicling of some of the cool things at Niche. I've been nicking photos in the hope that everyone's so happy about Niche they won't mind - I'll email after!

Gemma's beautiful Loz and Dinny stall (and the beautiful Gemma). Photo nicked from Fer.

The Loz and Dinny library bag on the left is now Chloe's. I haven't seen a prouder face than Chloe's as she walked through the market with it on after her Daddy bought it for her. Photo nicked from Gemma.

That myrtle laser cut brooch, the one with the two birds to the right is now mine, all mine. It was the last one and I love it. It's made by the lovely Sophie of That Vintage fame. She has an Etsy shop where you can check out her lovely things. Photo nicked again, from Sophie this time.

An owl very similar to these ones is sitting in pride of place in my house at the moment. It's meant for the babe on the way and I'm looking forward to setting up the room in the new house. This is one of Vee of the Purple Finch's creations. I'm already planning on another purchase next market! Photo nicked from Vee's blog.

More of Vee's beautiful softies. Photo from Fer.

There's more to tell but I must get back to the tidying.

Tuesday, May 5


More on Niche soon. I'd like to show you some of the other stallholders but didn't get a chance to get photos so I'll try to show some examples of their designs soon.

First though, I wanted to post a couple of photos of our current house. It's so tidy at the moment and it's the perfect time to show you! Even my work room is tidy - totally unheard of. I'll get a photo of it to show you tomorrow.

These are some of the photos the agent took of our house and they're making me the tiniest bit sad to be leaving. We've put so much work and love into this house. It's crazy to be nostalgic before we even leave!

We built this deck when I was pregnant with Chloe. There are some huge beams underneath that I had to help lift and hold in place for Sam. We have some photos of a huge bellied me banging nails into the decking. I get so much satisfaction out of making things - be it dresses or decks!

Chloe's room is perhaps my favourite in the house. It is a calm, restful room and sometimes I feel like going to have a little afternoon nap in her bed.

This red laminex table is a favourite thing. It has been a multi-purpose dining, cutting and miscellaneous stuff storage spot here so unfortunately that meant it could often be almost hidden! In the new house it may become a dedicated work table or it may get pride of place on the covered verandah - I'm leaning towards this option. That red needs to be seen.

This is our lovely sunny lounge room. I love the paint colour and am keeping the name stored in my head for the new place.

Saturday, May 2


Just a quick post - I know I've been a slacker with the blogging!

Today was the first day of "Niche - All wrapped up" the market in support of St Giles at the University of Tasmania Art School in Launceston. Above are a couple of photos of my stall taken by Jen (with a much lovelier camera and a much better eye for photos than me). Thank you!

I was nervous and hadn't managed to fit in a practice stall set up so just had to do it cold this morning. I was really happy with how it turned out. It needs a little tidy up in the photos but that's a good thing. It means people were looking. I had a great day and may be sold on this market thing. So exciting to chat with customers and other makers.

There are so many amazing stalls at Niche. If you're in or near Launceston do pop in tomorrow. You'll love it! I'm hoping to manage a little shopping tomorrow too!