Friday, September 24

The Market

OK, so, proper market post this time (although it's 3.40am so there'll probably be spelling and grammar mistakes - blame the babes, it's not my fault!).
Black Eyed Susie is off to The Market in Sandy Bay Rd, Hobart, opposite St David's Park on the 3rd of October. I've visited The Market before but not had a stall so I'm excited. The organisers make sure there is an ever changing array of sellers to keep it fresh. I'm sure I'll discover something new that I just have to have - the great downfall to my bank balance of doing markets.
Other Black Eyed Susie news is that the make up bag sewing kits are now available at The Mill Providore in Launceston - go visit if you can, Becky has a beautiful range of locally made produce and gifts. I have my eye on quite a few things in there. Also, there is a French hard goats cheese that is to die for. Can't remember the name but it's the only full goats milk hard cheese in stock.

Wednesday, September 22

To market, to market

Bit quiet on the blog front recently. I did actually write a post but felt it wasn't right and took it down - I'm a crazy worrier you know. We've had a sick, teething boy and various tradesmen in the house. Lots of tradesmen's bills to pay now. I've had a few of those "why do I actually persist with trying to have a business moments." It's pretty hard (as most of you will know) trying to juggle things around the kids. Generally it means, if I'm working, everything else slides - including housework, cooking and socialising. I've just cut Chloe back to one day a week in childcare and Arj had his first day (same day as Chloe) last week. The whole using childcare to work on a business that isn't really giving returns at the moment is very, very guilt inducing so if anything too negative happens on the work front it can make me feel like giving up pretty easily. Did that sentence make any sense?

I won't talk about the specific incident that triggered all this as it's over now and apologies have been made. The thing is I do love having my business (most of the time). It's been an amazing way for me to meet great friends (Mrs Burns and Mrs Smith, Kristen, Annie, Sophie, Selina and Jasperboy just for a start), it's given me so much more confidence in many areas - there was a time when I was embarassed about my making and challenged me to learn a huge amount. I get pretty toey if I don't get to sew or make for a while and, hey, I have to do something with the vast amounts of fabric that seems to make me buy it! So, I think the childcare is worth it. I think Arj will like playing with other littlies and I think it's been good for Chloe overall. I guess I'll always be in two minds about it.

Well, that was a bit of a stream of conciousness thing. It all just popped out. This was supposed to be about going to The Market in Hobart on October 3rd. Exciting. I'll come back later and do that post properly cos it deserves it.

Thursday, September 16

Yergh and Eeww.

Poor Arj has been terribly sick this week. He's on the mend now but has teeth coming through too. Poor bloke.

Avert your eyes now if you don't want to know about baby poo.

He managed to splurt right out of his nappy and all over himself and his Dad, not to mention the floor. Ewwww. The good part - I was asleep and totally missed the whole occurence including the cleaning up!

Suprisingly I have actually managed a touch of sewing this week. The first since Niche and it felt good. More to come.

Friday, September 10


It would be nice to stop singing the Bob the Builder theme song in my head. Even just for an hour. Aaarrrgh.

We're going through a Bob watching stage here and we've discovered our builder friend has an apprentice called Chloe. My Chloe is totally thrilled by this and has been building with Duplo all morning. We scored a whole Duplo farm set at the Op Shop yesterday. Bargain! I love a good Op shop trawl.

Tuesday, September 7

Breaking free

I've barely worn a skirt or a dress since I got pregnant with Arj. I've broken the dress drought now and it feels good. I always feel a bit free when I wear a dress and the beautiful Spring weather is helping too.
I dress quite differently since I had kids. Lots of loose floppy tops - for fairly obvious tummy disguising reasons. It's not that I necessarily want to hide it from others - it's just that I feel better if I hide it from me! And I love wearing long tunics or short dresses over jeans. My Asics tiger sneakers (red suede with silver trim - second pair) are almost worn through from practically living in them but I did that before I had kids too. I'm starting to wonder if I can get a third pair exactly the same - boring maybe but they are so great.
Did you change your dress style? I know some people who dressed more formally before for work. That wasn't me. I worked in a stinky microbiology lab. What with the smell and the attractive (not) blue surgical gowns there was really no point. I think I have nicer clothes now I don't work!

I'm quietly lusting after a few dresses or tunics on Etsy too. Check out Emily Ryan and Pamela Tang. I like Emily's gathered front tunics and dresses (and wow, I've just seen this, it got sold right when I was about to show you!) and Pamela's centre pleat dress.
Have you noticed I seem to have a bit of a shopping addiction going at the moment?

Sunday, September 5

Happy Father's Day

This is the man. He never reads my blog so it's tempting to tell all sorts of funny stories about him. I won't though. I'll be nice. It is Father's Day after all.

He's had a hard week and is totally exhausted looking. So am I. I'm afraid I have to admit that he made the pancakes this morning as I couldn't shift myself out of bed. Oops. I did make him scrambled eggs for brekkie on Saturday and we did go out for dinner last night. Does that count?
I just read Gemma's post on Loz and Dinny. This one doesn't quite come up to the same standard! Sorry Sam.

Wednesday, September 1

Fashion Queen

Hmmm. Not doing a whole lot for my standing as a kid's clothing maker! This is how Chloe would get about every day if I let her.