Friday, September 24

The Market

OK, so, proper market post this time (although it's 3.40am so there'll probably be spelling and grammar mistakes - blame the babes, it's not my fault!).
Black Eyed Susie is off to The Market in Sandy Bay Rd, Hobart, opposite St David's Park on the 3rd of October. I've visited The Market before but not had a stall so I'm excited. The organisers make sure there is an ever changing array of sellers to keep it fresh. I'm sure I'll discover something new that I just have to have - the great downfall to my bank balance of doing markets.
Other Black Eyed Susie news is that the make up bag sewing kits are now available at The Mill Providore in Launceston - go visit if you can, Becky has a beautiful range of locally made produce and gifts. I have my eye on quite a few things in there. Also, there is a French hard goats cheese that is to die for. Can't remember the name but it's the only full goats milk hard cheese in stock.


Jacquie said...

Yay! I'm having a stall too. See you there :o)

Fer said...

Good luck! I hear it's a very popular market.

byebyebirdie said...

hope you have fun @ the market

Anonymous said...

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Jacquie said...

Were you there today? I didn't see you :(