Tuesday, November 8


I've had to break a growing crochet addiction to prepare for these markets.  I think it's to do with how quickly things grow and the way the colours react to each other that does it.  I have urges to cover my house in bright, bright crocheted throws.  Directly inspired by Attic 24.  The picture above is a baby blanket I made for a friend who is probably now thinking I've forgotten but I will deliver it this weekend. Definitely. I hope she likes bright - otherwise I may have to take it back. I love it so. It's vertical vintage stripe (or something like that. Tutorial here.

Sunday, November 6

Self portraits.

Ok, so, a bit boring for everyone else. But, oh, so cute for me.  I can't believe Chloe is almost 5 and Arj almost 2 1/2. It's a blur. Much like these photos.