Friday, April 24


Things here at the "House of Black Eyed Susie" are what you might call, in a charitable mood, chaotic. If I let you see into the work room you may feel your charitable mood slipping away and you may feel compelled to call it a disaster area.

We have less than three weeks untils settlement date for our new house (Yay, yay, yay!), we need to get this house on the market asap and it's only a week until Niche Market. I'm desperately sewing but finding myself procrastinating with cleaning walls and packing boxes both of which need done so maybe it's not true procrastination, just a very ineffective way to get everything done. Sam (and I when I need another break from sewing) is painting some window frames that I started stripping a very long time ago and never finished. We also some finishing off to do on the verandah that we replaced about a year ago and have to paint the lounge room as the wall behind a heater we had removed wasn't painted. Nevermind the garden - cutting the grass will be as good as it gets. Poor Chloe is stuck in the middle of all this thinking "What on earth is going on?" She's so obsessed with Maisy at the moment that we've been resorting to the TV quite a lot. I just tell myslef it's OK, it's just a couple of weeks until she has a great new garden and house to explore. I'm sure that'll break the TV habit.

I did have some photos to show you but my camera has currently taken itself into hiding and I don't blame it really. I bet it's found a nice cosy spot under some of my fabric piles.

I'll be taking whatever clothing I have ready, including a range of dresses, pants and skirts (and the two new cord dresses pictured - perfect for winter), to Niche. I'll also have a bunch of belts, some in new fabrics. I had a little fun at Seworld yesterday (when I should have been sewing or cleaning or painting) and if I had the camera I'd show you my haul. Just gorgeous. There will be a few purses for the grown ups (photos will come one day) and a big bunch of hair ties and clips in new fabrics. Maybe some badges too if I get that far. Fun!

I've realised recently that my ideas and plans are always far, far ahead of my current capabilities so I reserve the right to go back in these promises at any moment!

Saturday, April 18

Soon, soon....

Soon to be our house. I can't wait - am just bursting with excitement - although this is slightly tempered by the stress of banks, money, house selling or not and all the other things that make moving complicated. This house is so much more a family house than our current one and it has a great space for my work area - I may even feel I can call it a studio!!

I'm looking forward to having a new baby and being allowed a small glass of wine on the back verandah soaking in some winter sun and the views.


Friday, April 17

Niche Market

I'm very excited to be taking part in my first market and even prouder that it's such a lovely one with such wonderful makers involved. Go take a look at the Niche blog for info on stall holders.

Even better, Niche is a fundraising venture so a portion of stall takings will go to St Giles which is a wonderful charity that provides all sorts of therapy for kids who need it.

Niche is on from 10am to 4 pm on Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of May at the Academy of Arts at Inveresk in Launceston. A perfect place to pick up a Mother's Day present or something for yourself! I must start dropping large hints.

Thursday, April 16

Don't get sand in your eggs

Happy belated Easter everyone. Hope yours was as lovely as ours.

The weather was stunning. It was warm, still and sunny. Too warm for a fire at night and I had to forego my ritual marshmallow charring.

We had 4 days at Binalong Bay, 2 of them with Gemma, Duncan and Edie. We had a great time and it seems they did too! So glad! I had the best sleeps I've had in months, the best of which I'm putting down to Dunc's amazing roast beef with a huge range of veggies and even cauliflower cheese, yum, yum. I felt they were trying to build up my iron and vitamin stores - so lovely.

Chloe and Edie enjoyed each others company and froliced in the water together. Sam swam every day but one and Chloe had her first dip in the ocean. She's always been worried about waves before. We went to Beer Barrel Beach and she even ran in and out of the water by herself. My was she proud!

Lots of sandcastles were built, chocolate eggs consumed and Gemma and I even got to scour the local collectables shops. Will show a couple of pictures of my finds soon.

This is Chloe's current fashion statement. Any attempt to discuss removing the band aid required a very, very brave mother. Those Wiggles have a lot to answer for.

By the way, Gemma has a competition on now and much as I'd like to limit the entries so I have more chance of winning, you should go enter.

My laptop may have to go to hospital tomorrow. Eeek. All my photos and documents have gone off somewhere - hopefully retrievable not into the ether or, basically, I'm going to be in disaster mode.

Tuesday, April 7


I've been trying to get to sleep whilst thinking about all the things that need to be done.

This has led to the decision to shut my Etsy and Made It shops down for a few weeks. They'll be closing down next Tuesday evening so if you want anything grab it before then!

My tentative plans are to give myself 3-4 weeks to get a few things done and organised and then reopen with only what is in stock listed. We are probably going to put our house on the market and hope to find a new one so, as you can imagine, I'll need more time to pick up toys, vacuum crumbs up and clean cornflakes off the wooden floor.

I am committed to doing a market in early May (Niche for St. Giles - more info to come) and so I'll be making a bit more stock. What's left after that will be listed online. And then I'll have a little bit of maternity leave!

If anybody wants to join a mailing list to find out when the shops are opening again please just shoot an email to

The Good Life

If you want to be made envious of those of us lucky enough to live or holiday in the Apple Isle please go and read this. (Found via Georgia)

Living here, it's easy to get caught up in work and everyday chores and forget to take time to enjoy the place. Sam, Chloe and I recently went on a trip up to the north west coast to visit my Gran. The weather was clear, warm and sunny and I found myself incredibly frustrated that we had such a limited time. We've realised that we've stopped going away on the weekends. Part of the reason is that we have such lovely friends here in Launceston and more of a social life here than we used to. I have to admit, thought, that it's also a touch of laziness, tiredness and just that we've let the busy life take over. We have a lot going on at the moment (hopefully some news soon!)

I can't see having a newborn making this any easier but we will try to get a few trips in before the babe comes along. Starting this weekend with a trip to the shack as I mentioned in a previous post.

Friday, April 3

Bright and Cheery

I just love this cord skirt on Chloe. I know I've already blogged it but the weather has been so dull here and it's so bright and cheery. As is the red tunic below. There's only one left of these now. It's a size 3. How I wish I'd bought more of this fabric but I've left it way, way too late.

Things are looking up here. Sam went to work late today so he could get Chloe to childcare and I could have a lie in. I'm starting to feel better although it's somewhat hidden by a cold that's hanging around. And, I think the sun may actually get through the clouds today. It's about time let me tell you.

Looking forward to the weekend and maybe a leisurely bbq at the picnic ground below Liffey Falls. Such a gentle peaceful place and the bbqs are still wood burning which makes it very exciting for Chloe.

Also looking forward to a relaxing and (hopefully) rejuvenating Easter at Binalong Bay with leisurely walks on the beach, good food, sandcastle building, a spot of secondhand shop trawling and great chat with these lovely folks.

And also, making something for myself. I bought a purse kit from Nicole of You Sew Girl. I'm thinking maybe grey wool flannel with a little snippet of vintage Japanese owl print cotton I've been hoarding for a while now.

Wednesday, April 1

Change of Plans

Thanks for all the lovely comments and encouragement about the market. Sadly I won't be there after all.

I've had a wake up call in the form of a day in hospital having an iron transfusion. It took three times as long as is should have because I fainted for the first time in my life and they had to wait for me to recover enough to start. This just made me realise how tired and run down I really was.

So, I'm doing the sensible thing and slowing down. For the sake of the Chloe and the babe on the way. I had to admit I have been pushing it to get everything as perfect as I wanted it for the market.

I'll still be filling online orders. I have a lot of stock made so it's mostly just a matter of mailing things. The iron boost has already made a difference in 24 hours and so I'll be able to gear up again in a week or so. It's funny what you accept as normal and push through. I just thought that my tiredness was pregnancy with a toddler but this morning, as soon as I woke up, my limbs felt lighter and it made me realise they'd felt like lead weights for a couple of weeks.

I have plans to do a market in Launceston in early May and with 4 weeks to prepare (and all the work I'd done for this weekend's market) it should be a doddle (mostly!).

Soon to come, when we have a nice bright day, a belly photo as requested by Jen. Don't worry I'll keep it under clothing! Also, a couple of new dresses that I'm just thrilled with.