Friday, April 3

Bright and Cheery

I just love this cord skirt on Chloe. I know I've already blogged it but the weather has been so dull here and it's so bright and cheery. As is the red tunic below. There's only one left of these now. It's a size 3. How I wish I'd bought more of this fabric but I've left it way, way too late.

Things are looking up here. Sam went to work late today so he could get Chloe to childcare and I could have a lie in. I'm starting to feel better although it's somewhat hidden by a cold that's hanging around. And, I think the sun may actually get through the clouds today. It's about time let me tell you.

Looking forward to the weekend and maybe a leisurely bbq at the picnic ground below Liffey Falls. Such a gentle peaceful place and the bbqs are still wood burning which makes it very exciting for Chloe.

Also looking forward to a relaxing and (hopefully) rejuvenating Easter at Binalong Bay with leisurely walks on the beach, good food, sandcastle building, a spot of secondhand shop trawling and great chat with these lovely folks.

And also, making something for myself. I bought a purse kit from Nicole of You Sew Girl. I'm thinking maybe grey wool flannel with a little snippet of vintage Japanese owl print cotton I've been hoarding for a while now.


Fer said...

Chloe looks too cute!

Glad you're feeling better, and a trip to Binalong will do wonders.

Kate said...

Love that tunic - hope you had a good weekend and feel better.