Tuesday, April 7

The Good Life

If you want to be made envious of those of us lucky enough to live or holiday in the Apple Isle please go and read this. (Found via Georgia)

Living here, it's easy to get caught up in work and everyday chores and forget to take time to enjoy the place. Sam, Chloe and I recently went on a trip up to the north west coast to visit my Gran. The weather was clear, warm and sunny and I found myself incredibly frustrated that we had such a limited time. We've realised that we've stopped going away on the weekends. Part of the reason is that we have such lovely friends here in Launceston and more of a social life here than we used to. I have to admit, thought, that it's also a touch of laziness, tiredness and just that we've let the busy life take over. We have a lot going on at the moment (hopefully some news soon!)

I can't see having a newborn making this any easier but we will try to get a few trips in before the babe comes along. Starting this weekend with a trip to the shack as I mentioned in a previous post.

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Fer said...

We do live in a great place, I know I couldn't live anywhere else.

You're right too, it helps to get out of Launceston from time to time though!

Enjoy the shack, we'll be enjoying ours.