Tuesday, April 7


I've been trying to get to sleep whilst thinking about all the things that need to be done.

This has led to the decision to shut my Etsy and Made It shops down for a few weeks. They'll be closing down next Tuesday evening so if you want anything grab it before then!

My tentative plans are to give myself 3-4 weeks to get a few things done and organised and then reopen with only what is in stock listed. We are probably going to put our house on the market and hope to find a new one so, as you can imagine, I'll need more time to pick up toys, vacuum crumbs up and clean cornflakes off the wooden floor.

I am committed to doing a market in early May (Niche for St. Giles - more info to come) and so I'll be making a bit more stock. What's left after that will be listed online. And then I'll have a little bit of maternity leave!

If anybody wants to join a mailing list to find out when the shops are opening again please just shoot an email to blackeyed-susie@hotmail.com


rousabout studio said...

Look after yourself, if mama aint happy nobody is happy!! Jo

Loz and Dinny said...

Sounds like a bloody good idea, my friend! I think you have been a bit of a mama legend up to this point! Time to kick back with a cocktail? Virgin cocktail, of course.I can hear the waves lapping at the beach already!

Fer said...

Wise move. Hope everything goes well house-wise. Looking forward to seeing you at Niche!