Monday, February 22

One for the project list

What a very cool idea this is. I won't be bothering with the bag but a couple of dolls and a bunch of outfits - what fun! A great excuse to buy yet more fabric.

We're having a great summer. I hope you are too. We've spent a lot of time in the pool, made a lot of trips to the beach and the shack. Been to the NW coast, W coast and E coast and off to the Freycinet peninsula this weekend coming for a quick camping trip. Still not getting nearly enough sleep and not getting to do any work. I'm a bit frustrated cos the ideas are coming thick and fast, I just seem to be in this sort of semi-paralysed state where I can't seem to start anything. I think it's because I know I'll be interupted just as I get going - or is that just an excuse?

Maybe some summer photos soon.

Everytime I blog I feel inspired to keep it up and do it more regularly then I stop again!

P.S. The Maisy quilt was a huge hit!