Friday, July 31

Advice to self

If you're trying to get your figure back to something closer to normal DON'T eat all the cooking chocolate. Honestly, if you're going to eat chocolate why not at least make it good quality chocolate that you like!

I'm blaming sleep deprivation!

Wednesday, July 22


How beautiful is this origami ball. It's made by Tassie duo Hideyo Designs and you can find them here although I think they are so busy that Etsy is taking a back seat. I treated myself to one at Niche and have been meaning to show it off for months. They are made using pages from old publications. Mine is mostly text with cells of bright colours (red, orange, almost electric blue, lime and more)interspersed. It struck me as perfect for a 60s house. It's still waiting to go up due to moving, having a baby, being sick etc but mostly due to indecision about the best place for it to hang.

Hideyo also make gorgeous prints, cards, bags and stunning origami flowers. Maybe try The Ruby Pear if you are interested in seeing more.

Sunday, July 19

A spot of modelling

Chloe modelling her lovely Free Range Baby dress (Thanks again Jen. She loves it and so do I) at her Granny's house and Arj modelling his Granny's knitting (Thanks Mum. We love it too.). He's decided to think of it as an overcoat until he gets a bit bigger!

My photos are liable to get worse and worse - I just point and shoot without thinking at all now - time if of the essence.

Rain, rain, rain and mastitis. What fun we have had here! Oh, and I forgot to mention that Sam had a form of pneumonia resulting in excrutiating headaches for about a week and a half too. Things are looking up but the poor man has to go bring home the bacon tomorrow.

Saturday, July 11

Lovely, lovely things!

We received the most amazing package in the mail the other day. It was from our lovely kind, generous friend, and true patron of handmade, Jen. I just had to show some pictures as it really demonstrates the amount of talented people producing great stuff. I was overwhelmed to put it mildly.

For Chloe, a beautiful vintage fabric handmade dress from Free Range Baby and a puzzle. Chloe is so, so into jigsaws at the moment so this is just perfect.

Romper suit and pouch from Grandy and Baa. This is a new design apparently and I can say it's just great. A car on the front pulling a caravan on the back. The fabrics are hard to see in my photos but they're perfectly chosen and very cute.

Gorgeous bibs in fabrics chosen by Jen and made up by her friend Janine. I'm very impressed - maybe a little business beginning! You obviously know my fabric tastes well Jen!

Stunning ball by Amy Badskirt (my photo is not doing it justice at all, the fabrics are vibrant and beautiful) and giraffe rattle in one of my most favourite fabrics (well chosen Jen!) from Ollie and Rose.

Cute birdie bib from Ivy Designs. I have a small stash of this fabric but not in this colourway. I have it in pink and also in yellow to make pjs for Chloe. I wanted to get the aqua but Chloe said no blue is for boys. I'm saving it for next winter now as she has an aversion to wearing pjs at the moment.

Last, but by no means least, some robots. A gorgeous bib from Curlypops and a cute, cute beanie from Olie and Rose.

So, as you can see this was such an exciting package, all wrapped beautifully in separate packages. Just lovely and so generous. And I've just spotted Jen here proving again how lovely she is. Not sure how I missed this before Jen, I was looking out for you on Badskirt.

Well, it took me a few days to finish this post. I meant to get it up really quickly to surprise Jen 'cos' she knows how slow I am! All is going well with Arj, I just have a lack of spare time!

Thursday, July 9

Back to the seventies

Anyone who lived through some of the seventies will probably recognise what Chloe is up to in this photo. One of her favourite books is a kids cookbook that was mine. She has spent hours and hours of her short life poring over it so when Sam suggested she make the orange and cheese hedgehog (from the party snacks sections) she was incredibly excited. We now have an aging orange attached to chunks of dried out cheese taking pride of place on the kitchen table - because of course she didn't want to eat it.

Everything is going well with Arj. He's a good eater and sleeper (so far) so we're cruising along quite well. The only downfall has been battling bad colds and headaches for Sam and I. So far Arj has remained cold free which must be some sort of minor miracle given the amount of snot around here.

Thanks for all the lovely messages on the last post. I'm getting around to thanking everyone personally - it just might take me a while!

Wednesday, July 1

Arj has arrived

Its a boy. Arj McPherson Duncan arrived just after 8:20am on Monday the 29th June.

Susan did fantastically well (again!). She and Arj are in St Lukes still so I am updating the blog with a photo.

I am so proud of Suse.