Sunday, July 19

A spot of modelling

Chloe modelling her lovely Free Range Baby dress (Thanks again Jen. She loves it and so do I) at her Granny's house and Arj modelling his Granny's knitting (Thanks Mum. We love it too.). He's decided to think of it as an overcoat until he gets a bit bigger!

My photos are liable to get worse and worse - I just point and shoot without thinking at all now - time if of the essence.

Rain, rain, rain and mastitis. What fun we have had here! Oh, and I forgot to mention that Sam had a form of pneumonia resulting in excrutiating headaches for about a week and a half too. Things are looking up but the poor man has to go bring home the bacon tomorrow.


Bek said...

My, what beautiful children! Congratulations!

I hope you feel better soon (and Sam too). I've had mastitis too a few times and it is of the devil.

Take care.

Catherine said...

Ah such cute babes! You have mastitis?? How dreadful, I still remember my time not so many months ago quite distinctly. Keep nursing (as hard as it is) and massaging, you poor thing. I found it impossible to get out of bed to feed Audrey, but I had to. Things will change dramatically within a week, hope that gives you a little hope!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Arj is such a cutie ... just like his big sister. Sorry to hear you haven't been well ... mastitis is a bit of a nightmare. Hope you are better soon.

Loz and Dinny said...

hey lovely ... glad sam is feeling better ...but NOOOOOOOOOOOO! not mastisis!!!!!!!!!! Hope it is shifting ... Chloe looks so so beautiful in that gorgeous dress xx

Fer said...

Gorgeous children and gorgeous clothes! Ouch, mastitis - not nice. I came close so I can understand your pain!

Hope you all feel better soon, it must be the year for getting real crook.

D said...

Hi !
Congratulations on the new arrival: congrats to you all. It's a family effort after all.


JasperBoy said...

It might be said that I'm biased, but Chloe really does look so beautiful and happy :)

Jen in Melbourne