Monday, December 21

Secret Maisy Business

A work in progress. I've been having fun with this and doing my first attempt at machine quilting. I only have the binding to go now and I think I'll get it done in time for Christmas. I'm hoping this will replace the quilt I carried on the back of my bike to the airport in Nice as Chloe's tv watching quilt of choice. Then, perhaps, I could use mine.

Just an aside. Does anyone else have glitter all over their house, themselves, their kids and even trailed into the garden?

Saturday, December 19


Wow, a three year old in the house. She had the best time at her party. It wasn't very warm but everyone swam anyway and Chloe was so, so happy. All day, not a single low moment. Amazing - even after all the sugar.

I had such fun making the cake. Loosely based on the Rainbow fish and Sam and Chloe made a fish pinata (with creative direction from me - poor Sam).

Now on to Christmas. Having a birthday so close to Christmas means presents and excitement galore. The birthday spread out to about a week. I feel sad for Chloe that she'll have to wait so long for her next one.

Thursday, December 3


Chloe is 3 in a week. I can't quite believe it. Arj is 5 months now. I find that even harder to believe. Thought it must be time for a photo!