Thursday, December 3


Chloe is 3 in a week. I can't quite believe it. Arj is 5 months now. I find that even harder to believe. Thought it must be time for a photo!


mrs smith said...

They are truly beauteous!

Hey Suse, can you send me the details for the cottage you stayed at in Provence? I would like to check it out.

Want to come over for a play next week? Let me know what day suits you.


Isis said...

very very cute!

Fer said...

Aaawww bless 'em!!

Raewyn said...

Hey Suse!! Your children are lovely, and so are you! Just read a previous post about a rough time you were having recently, I have been there for sure and think more women should be honest when times are tough! Thank you x