Thursday, March 26

The Market

Deep breaths are required. I'm going to take Black Eyed Susie to it's first market in less than a week and a half. If anybody is in or near Hobart and feels like a little retail therapy this would be a great place to go. I'd love it if you said hello too!

In case you can't read this on the picture it's at the Masonic Temple at 3 Sandy Bay Rd (opposite St David's Park) on the 5th of April. Doors are open from 10 to 3.

Wednesday, March 25

Just had to post this photo. Chloe seems to like the idea of being a model now (well at least, for a couple of minutes and one outfit's worth which means it takes days to get new photos). She loves the close up shot.

I've been busily trying to get a few things that have been in my head for months up and going. Particularly some winter clothes for Chloe which may or may not end up in the shops. I bought some green wool coating on line in the hope that it would be a soft, muted sort of green. This may have been my worst internet buying mistake ever. It's more of a radioactive, toxic waste sort of green. It wasn't the vendors fault. There photo is actually fairly true to colour. I must have just had a moment when my desire to believe was too strong. I'm thinking of buying some blue dye and attempting to make it useable. Anyone got any tips for me??

This is a little box pleat skirt I've been meaning to make for ages. The fabric is a soft babywale cord. Very bright and cheery for dull days. Chloe initially refused even to try it on but loves it now. Lots of colours to look at.

In other news, the latest oft reported saying in our house is "I need to watch Maisy." I'm happy Charlie and Lola are back on in the mornings, cheery 70s theme song and cute fabrics used in the animation. What more could I ask for in a kids show?

Tuesday, March 17

New dress...

... and this time it's for me - not the shop. I bought this dress/tunic online recently. I love it and would wear it every day if people wouldn't be horrified! I can safely say it's my favourite maternity item so far. I even like it more than my non-maternity clothes. Now if only I were as tall and thin as the model and had some boots like hers.

Picture filched from here.

Monday, March 16

Renovate? Are you crazy?

As I said in a previous post, we're finding it difficult to find a larger house. There seems to be a few really crappy larger ones and a few really beautiful, really expensive ones and nothing in the middle price range. I'm finding more and more that I want to buy a cheaper one and do a full renovation. I'm 25 weeks pregnant now and what I want to know is, is this a serious desire or is this a fairly extreme form of nesting?

Is it even a possibility to renovate with a 2 year old and a baby?

Am I loosing my grip on reality???

Friday, March 13


Elephant trim denim pants I've just finished for a little boy. I love how these turned out. I love, love, love the elephant fabric. It's a Japanese cotton and I only bought half a yard. Must get more - please don't buy it all or I'll regret leaving the link!

Tuesday, March 10


I think my nesting instinct has set in, unfortunately not in a glamorous, excting way. More in a practical, sensible way. I've made Sam rearrange our laundry and have been painting the window frame. It's given us a lot more space - or at least the feeling of more space.

We're trying to find a new, larger house before this baby comes along but I'm starting to think it's not going to happen. There isn't much around at the moment. Hence the need to start making the most of what we have. I do love our house but it is very small and my work things are taking over well and truly.

Style Collective has a competition on at the moment to win a $500 kids gear spending spree. Sounds perfect for this time when a lot of people are starting to tighten their belts. I'm off to enter.

Sunday, March 8

Early morning hours

Naomi said to let her know if I tried any middle of the night sewing during my sleepless hours. I haven't - yet. I did, however spend a long time teaching myself how to get rid of the background in my photos. I'm not that great at it but am improving.

These are some of the fruits of my very early morning efforts and the beginnings of a range of belts for the shop.

Friday, March 6


OK, I've been dragging the chain a bit on this. I was tagged for 6 x 6 by Jo from Rousabout and Kali from Poppy Lane. This means I have to show and tell the 6th photo from my 6th folder. Hmm, problem. My 6th folder only has two photos so how about the 2nd photo from the 6th folder.

This is a silk wall hanging I bought from an antique shop in New Norfolk. All I know about it is that it came from the collection of a woman who travelled a lot and brought home lots of goodies. I love the colours in it - which aren't great in this photo. In fact this proves that my camera skills have at least improved a bit. I bought it while I was pregnant with Chloe and the pathetic thing I have to admit is that I still haven't hung it up.

I'm not going to tag anyone because I'm so far behind with this I'm sure almost everyone has done it. If you feel like joining in though, please do, and let me know so I can check out your photos.

Sunday, March 1

Dorothy & Evelyn

Dorothy & Evelyn in St Kilda are now stocking some Black Eyed Susie clothing and accessories including this one off vintage fabric dress. I'm desperate to get over to Melbourne to check out the shop. It's 158 Barkly St if anyone's passing by!