Sunday, March 8

Early morning hours

Naomi said to let her know if I tried any middle of the night sewing during my sleepless hours. I haven't - yet. I did, however spend a long time teaching myself how to get rid of the background in my photos. I'm not that great at it but am improving.

These are some of the fruits of my very early morning efforts and the beginnings of a range of belts for the shop.


naomi said...

haha! If my sewing machine wasn't so close to the kids bedroom I would have definitely tried the odd hour or two of (crazy) early morning sewing.

You have done really well with the background cutout! Looks very neat. And the belts are super cute.

edward and lilly said...

Very cute belts. You've done a great job of getting rid of the background. I haven't had a chance to learn to do that yet. It looks really effective on the belts.

Alicia said...

Very cute belts indeed, I think my daughter needs one!

Barb Fisher said...

You've done a great job getting rid of the background. Your post prompted me to remember a tutorial on another blog I read, Making It Lovely. Check this out, it might give you a few tips?