Monday, March 16

Renovate? Are you crazy?

As I said in a previous post, we're finding it difficult to find a larger house. There seems to be a few really crappy larger ones and a few really beautiful, really expensive ones and nothing in the middle price range. I'm finding more and more that I want to buy a cheaper one and do a full renovation. I'm 25 weeks pregnant now and what I want to know is, is this a serious desire or is this a fairly extreme form of nesting?

Is it even a possibility to renovate with a 2 year old and a baby?

Am I loosing my grip on reality???

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Alicia said...

crazy indeed! Would you have a friend or relatives to stay with while you do kitchen and bathroom?Just moving house is a bit of an ordeal- I moved at about the same time in my pregnancy and with a 2 year old (from Brisbane to Victoria though). Is it not possible to renovate/extend your current house? Thanks for the gorgeous belt and hair clip by the way, they are beautiful!