Wednesday, December 24

Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas everyone!

We're off to the beach for Chrissie. Can't wait!

Lots and lots to do before we leave. That's my excuse for the lack of blogging this week.

I went to the Launceston Cycling Classic to lay my eyes on Robbie McEwan and I spent ages taking random photos of the blur of cyclists zooming past in the hope that one would include him. I did it too and the whole aim was to blog it but it'll have to wait. I'm sure you're all quite fine with that - it's just that I have a bit of a crush on him.

Other news - the Etsy shop will be closed until the 5th of January.

Monday, December 15

Birthday Girl

Chloe turned 2 on Thursday and had an afternoon tea party yesterday. She loved it and has really got the concept of presents now ("more present, more present?").

Sam and I did a team effort on the birthday cake and made a copy of Chloe's favourite sleep toy. We call him Seagie (short for Seagull). Everyone else thinks he's a duck or a goose - too bad! He's Seagull.

Not quite sure what Chloe's opinion of seeing her favourite rendered in butter cream. She looks a bit bemused. She did enjoy eating the cake.

I indulged myself and the kids and made chocolate crackles and fairy bread, sausage rolls (I did mean to do homemade ones, honest I did) and 2 shaped biscuits (someone should have told me in my tired and addled brain state that saying "Do you want a Number 2?" could be quite amusing). My Dad made a huge and wonderful trifle that was completely demolished by all the adults and the only concession to healthy eating was a fruit platter and I'd be prepared to bet Miss Chloe didn't go near it. I know I didn't!
Thanks for all your help Mum.
Gemma, the dress was a hit again!

Thursday, December 11


One more in the long drawn out series of holiday posts. Hey, that's OK, it prolongs the holiday for me!
Brantome. We arrived here after a whole day of driving from Brittany. It felt like paradise after the car! The village is a manmade island surrounded by this beautiful river. We arrived on dusk and saw water rats and something almost beaver like that we still have no idea about. Wandered in the dark, peacefulness and had a beautiful room overlooking the river. Just beautiful.
View of the Dordogne river valley. This was us nostalgically retracing our last France trip when we spent 10 days cycling in this area. Walnut orchards, sunflower and maize fields abound. The river, and several others in the area, the Lot, Veziere, for example, wind languidly through limestone country. There are lots of cliffs and an endless number of quaint villages with houses built into the cliffs (I have a secret dream to live in a troglodyte house just for a week or so!). This is also an area full of caves and some of the most famous cave art in the world. Lascaux is near here. And amazing chateaus, great markets and wonderful, wonderful food.

We stayed near here in a B & B on a farm. The owners family had the property since the 1700s. He'd converted an outbuilding into a restaurant and a couple of guest rooms. Wonderful food. The lovely owner took Chloe for walks around the restaurant so we could enjoy our food fully. So if you're ever in the area look for Le Roi Carotte and go there! Feeling like King Carrot is a local term for the way you feel when little things, like a flower bud in your garden or the sun coming out after rain, make you happy.

St Cirq Lapopie, famously beautiful cliff-perched village.

Gardens at Le Manoir d'eyrignac.

I have been lazy and haven't checked spelling. Please forgive me if you spot glaring errors or if you're French!

Monday, December 1

I'm back!

Completed and winging their way off to a very much loved little Melbournite are some wide leg cords in new fabric combinations.
I spent a lovely half day at Niche Market here in Launceston on Saturday. The lovely Gemma from Loz and Dinny offered to put some of my things on her stall. I haven't been able to do much work myself recently so was unable to have my own stall. Gemma's stall looked beautiful and I was thrilled to have some of my stuff on there. You can see some pictures on her blog.
I also got to meet some other great local makers including Rachael from Franrosie, Tara Badcock and Jennifer from Life's just a Ferball. It was really inspiring to meet them and I was feeling a little starstruck (and if I'm totally honest, envious) looking at all their amazing creations.

Edited to add: Just realised how bad these photos are - I blame the hideous grey and windy weather we've been having here. Lots of rains which is great but it makes for dark and grainy photos.