Monday, November 15


We're back from a week at Binalong Bay. So beautiful and relaxing - just what we needed. Arj even slept well most nights and miraculously had two sleeps a day. Now we're back and slipping straight back into our pattern of illnesses - snotty noses and coughs agaaaaain. Arrrgh.

It's a great season for wildflowers. The Tassie coastal bush was looking spectacular and reminded me of WA. The kids had a great time on the beach and I (cos I'm tough!) had a couple of swims.

I'm gearing up for a last push at making for Niche market which starts on Friday (4-8pm on Friday (with a bar!) and 10 -4 on Saturday). It's going to be fun and I have a big bunch of clothes, hair thingies, t-shirts, headbands, sewing kits, brooches and even some Christmas decorations. Come and have a chat if you can - I'll be sneaking a glass of wine behind my stall!