Monday, November 15


We're back from a week at Binalong Bay. So beautiful and relaxing - just what we needed. Arj even slept well most nights and miraculously had two sleeps a day. Now we're back and slipping straight back into our pattern of illnesses - snotty noses and coughs agaaaaain. Arrrgh.

It's a great season for wildflowers. The Tassie coastal bush was looking spectacular and reminded me of WA. The kids had a great time on the beach and I (cos I'm tough!) had a couple of swims.

I'm gearing up for a last push at making for Niche market which starts on Friday (4-8pm on Friday (with a bar!) and 10 -4 on Saturday). It's going to be fun and I have a big bunch of clothes, hair thingies, t-shirts, headbands, sewing kits, brooches and even some Christmas decorations. Come and have a chat if you can - I'll be sneaking a glass of wine behind my stall!


Fer said...

*sigh* A whole week at Binalong would be perfect! Especially with those hot days we had last week.

Hasn't Arj grown! He's a real little man now. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing you at Niche, just wish I could partake in the wine but people tend to look down their noses at a preggers woman sipping a vino.... :(

Sarah said...

The wild flowers look gorgeous. We've got a week at Coles Bay coming up and I'm hoping for a swim too (I, unlike my family, am also tough!)

Your little boy's cardi is very sweet!

Kate said...

I can't wait to get to the beach. Yes you would love a teflon foot!! Perfect for your pouches!!

Betty Jo said...

You have won a copy of Mixtape Zine on the Find, Make,Do Christmas Giveaway.
Email me your address and we will post you your copy!

Isis said...

(completely not related to this post)

hah hah! i REALLY don't care about the yogurt suse! it's 'tude that gets to me. i dare you to make every table in the shop yogurty and i will not care. i promise