Tuesday, November 8


I've had to break a growing crochet addiction to prepare for these markets.  I think it's to do with how quickly things grow and the way the colours react to each other that does it.  I have urges to cover my house in bright, bright crocheted throws.  Directly inspired by Attic 24.  The picture above is a baby blanket I made for a friend who is probably now thinking I've forgotten but I will deliver it this weekend. Definitely. I hope she likes bright - otherwise I may have to take it back. I love it so. It's vertical vintage stripe (or something like that. Tutorial here.

Sunday, November 6

Self portraits.

Ok, so, a bit boring for everyone else. But, oh, so cute for me.  I can't believe Chloe is almost 5 and Arj almost 2 1/2. It's a blur. Much like these photos.

Thursday, October 27

Busy, busy, busy.

I've nearly let go of the blog again already. Oops.

I'm sewing up a storm ready for a couple of pre-Christmas markets in Novemember. I'll be at Niche (details below) and The Market in the Masonic Temple, Sandy Bay Rd on Sunday Nov 13th, 10 -3.  I'll be upstairs and would love visitors!

Northern folk, I'd love visitors at Niche too.  Friday nights the bar is open and last time they had a very good special on Ninth Island Sparkling. Perfect for relaxed Friday night browsing!

Thanks Tortoise Mum for prodding me into action!  I will do my best to blog!

Oh, and some other recent news, lovely, bubbly, cheery Min at Content has a bunch of brooches, earrings, headbands, bobby pins and a few other things of mine for sale.  Such a beautiful shop to spend some time exploring.

Wednesday, September 21

Hello again.

Why, Hello Blog. Long time, no see.  How's things? I've been missing you a bit, but well, diaries and journals were never one of my strong points.  How about if you promise not to take an eon to load my photos and not to get spammed quite so much and if the wireless modem thingo promises not to drop out every time I try to post then I promise to do some occasional posting?  Sound OK? All right then, let's give it a go!  See you soon.