Friday, February 27


I'm back and feeling a bit energised although my legs are tired from the aqua aerobics. Have vowed to go back although I found it almost a chore. I'm feeling far less fit this pregnancy. The first trimester nausea and tiredness followed by a couple of bad colds really got rid of any fitness I had.

Here, as promised, are the softies. All I can say is it's a good thing I'm not trying to sell softies. Anyway, doesn't slightly wonky equal charm? They were very satisfying to make especially as that was this first craft night I've been to since I lived in a very, very small mining town in WA and craft night was really the only social activity. I was so excited to be amongst people doing what I love. Most of my close friends are not into sewing at all. Most are creative in some way just not my way!

I found the patterns for my softies here. This owl is from a tutorial by Lollychops. It's probably a great softie to start with. I didn;t have the instructions with me and relied on my memory which could be better!

Lucy Goosey by the Long Thread. A bit trickier and again, if I'd paid more attention to the tutorial rather than chatting mine could have been more polished. He's kinda cute.

A few other geese were produced on the night and Gemma has some pictures with more to come I think.

Thursday, February 26

Moan, moan

There's been a lot of painting around here recently. Lots of it in various spots around the walls and floor and some on the paper.

We're having a rocky time sleepwise at the moment. Chloe stopped her daytime naps most days in early January. Sometimes she still has one, if she's in the car or the pram, but that means she's up until 9.30 or later. I'm going slightly bonkers as I've lost my 2 1/2 hours of worktime everyday and am not getting any free time many nights either. It felt fine until about 6 weeks in and then I started to realise how little time to myself I had. To add to that I'm struggling to sleep at night and often end up lying awake for an hour or three in the middle of the night. This happened to me last pregnancy too and by the end I was a grumpy mess. Eek!

So all my plans for new designs have still not happened and I've struggled a bit just to meet orders. I do have some belts to show and some softies I made at Gemma's craft night in aid of Handmade Help. I'll load them up tomorrow.

I've just been to aqua aerobics and attempted to enjoy being shouted at for 45 minutes whilst bouncing around. I do feel better for it but have the chlorine sniffles now! Perhaps this explains my whingey post. I'll do a nicer one tomorrow!

Friday, February 13

More lovely helpers

There is an Etsy shop that has been set up to raise money for the bushfire appeals now. It has a items donated by loads of different Etsy sellers making it pretty fun to browse. I put a dress up for sale there and it must have sold almost straight away. An awful lot faster than my things usually move!!! I'm keeping my eye on the shop as there are new things going up all the time.

I've also joined this flickr group and will attempt to use some of my scraps to make some quilt blocks (scarey - I'm not brilliant at precision.)

Tuesday, February 10


Most of you would know I'm sure what a shocking weekend this has been for Australians and in particular Victorians. The bushfires are still burning and every time I log on the death toll has reached a new and even more horrifying high. Last time I looked there had been over 750 houses lost and there were 3500 people left homeless. Huge numbers of livestock, pets and wild animals will also have been killed not to mention loss of vehicles, outbuildings and farm machinery.

We are fine down here in Tasmania but I think most people are feeling some level of grief even so. I just thought I'd do a quick post to leave some links. I found these via Hoppo Bumpo (Thanks!). Many people have already blogged this info.

Rachel at Grandy and Baa is gathering together donations of handmade clothes for children.

The Toy Society is collecting handmade toys for children who've been left with nothing.

Monetary donations are being taken by the Red Cross.

Also happening is a crafters charity auction see here, here or here.

Juddie from Flightless Boyds is organising a book drive. She's in Melbourne and collecting books to distribute at a later date. You can contact her through her blog or via email (

Thursday, February 5


What a milestone! This is maybe odd but for some reason I feel more excited about this than a lot of the other milestones we've had. Perhaps it's because Chloe can communicate verbally so much more now. She's thrilled about being a "big girl."

I love Chloe's room. It is so restful and calming. I'm a little tempted to take over her bed some quiet afternoons.

Monday, February 2

It's time...

...for a little more of France. After all, this baby I'm growing is kind of a little bit French.

This is the Pyrenean chapter. It blew me away. I'd go back anytime. I love mountain scenery and, having grown up in Scotland, I tend to love grassy landscapes with dark green trees. The Pyrenees were perfect for me! I used to go walking in the mountains in Scotland as a child and I have this memory of the best feeling being lying on the grass, in the sun, just listening. Everything sounds so muted and peaceful. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love bushwalking in Tassie, but, what with the spikey, scratchy scrub, the leeches, jack jumpers and mud, there aren't really that many opportunities to lie peacefully and comfortably. There were plenty where we went in the Pyrenees.

View from the Col du Tourmalet. Awe-inspiring. So steep. I felt like I was on a pilgrimage and now have even more respect for the riders who slog up and then speed down these slopes. Sam, of course, started scheming to ride it one day. I was totally daunted. I did have a dream to ride the length of the Pyrenees one day. Driving up this vertigo inducing road may have put paid to that. So stuningly beautiful and you could hear the whistles of marmots all over the grassy slopes.

Medieval buildings in Mirepoix. The scene of what may have been my best lunch of the entire month. Cured salmon for entree followed by seven hour roasted lamb. The lamb was so good I can't even remember dessert. Not like me at all.

Vignemale, the highest peak in the French Pyrenees (maybe the Pyrenees even?). We spent a day walking here. Chloe and I stopped in a grassy spot and I lay in the sun while she played on some rocks. Sam went on and I was envious but had to let Chloe out of the backpack for a while.

Stunning clear stream on the track up towards Vignemale. The track leaves from near Cauteret and we did cheat and go up a bit on a chair lift!

Old, unused Hotel at the Cirque du Gavarnie. These cows are so attractive! We also saw Pyrenean ponies, goats, huge eagles and marmots.

PS Sam tells me that is a terrible photo in the last post. Fair enough but it did make me feel better to read all your lovely comments. Thanks so, so much. I actually feel even more excited about the new one since I told you guys!