Friday, February 27


I'm back and feeling a bit energised although my legs are tired from the aqua aerobics. Have vowed to go back although I found it almost a chore. I'm feeling far less fit this pregnancy. The first trimester nausea and tiredness followed by a couple of bad colds really got rid of any fitness I had.

Here, as promised, are the softies. All I can say is it's a good thing I'm not trying to sell softies. Anyway, doesn't slightly wonky equal charm? They were very satisfying to make especially as that was this first craft night I've been to since I lived in a very, very small mining town in WA and craft night was really the only social activity. I was so excited to be amongst people doing what I love. Most of my close friends are not into sewing at all. Most are creative in some way just not my way!

I found the patterns for my softies here. This owl is from a tutorial by Lollychops. It's probably a great softie to start with. I didn;t have the instructions with me and relied on my memory which could be better!

Lucy Goosey by the Long Thread. A bit trickier and again, if I'd paid more attention to the tutorial rather than chatting mine could have been more polished. He's kinda cute.

A few other geese were produced on the night and Gemma has some pictures with more to come I think.

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Fer said...

Love the owl especially - too cute!