Thursday, February 5


What a milestone! This is maybe odd but for some reason I feel more excited about this than a lot of the other milestones we've had. Perhaps it's because Chloe can communicate verbally so much more now. She's thrilled about being a "big girl."

I love Chloe's room. It is so restful and calming. I'm a little tempted to take over her bed some quiet afternoons.


Sara said...

Bella just went to her "big girl Bed", and she just loves it. We never had much success converting her cot into a big girl bed, she had to have the real thing! Good luck!

naomi said...

did you make the doona cover? Looks great! I only just took the side off my 2yr olds cot today. Would love a big bed, but the room is too tiny for two beds...bunks it will have to be. I hope your ready for all the toddler night visits!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Our youngest is also looking forward to the big bed. The room looks beautiful. Especially the doona cover. Just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

did you cover her chair and make the curtains?? i love them. Congratulations Chloe on being such a big girl!

rousabout studio said...

What a huge step!!, theres no turning back now.. I have just tagged you for a 6x6 challenge, see my blog for details.

Rach said...

Thank you so much for your message on my blog (grandy and baa) and for your very generous offer to help out. I think it is wonderful that so many crafters are willing to help – we have such an amazing community.

These events are just devastating and I cannot imagine how they are suffering in Victoria.

For the moment I am going to collect items here and them ship them all to Melbourne once we sort out a group or agency to distribute the items. At the moment I believe the agencies are just so busy feeding and providing basic clothing the survivors… Check back at my blog as I will update everyone on how we are going with this.

Please email me for my address.

I thank you again for your support.

Kind regards,