Thursday, February 26

Moan, moan

There's been a lot of painting around here recently. Lots of it in various spots around the walls and floor and some on the paper.

We're having a rocky time sleepwise at the moment. Chloe stopped her daytime naps most days in early January. Sometimes she still has one, if she's in the car or the pram, but that means she's up until 9.30 or later. I'm going slightly bonkers as I've lost my 2 1/2 hours of worktime everyday and am not getting any free time many nights either. It felt fine until about 6 weeks in and then I started to realise how little time to myself I had. To add to that I'm struggling to sleep at night and often end up lying awake for an hour or three in the middle of the night. This happened to me last pregnancy too and by the end I was a grumpy mess. Eek!

So all my plans for new designs have still not happened and I've struggled a bit just to meet orders. I do have some belts to show and some softies I made at Gemma's craft night in aid of Handmade Help. I'll load them up tomorrow.

I've just been to aqua aerobics and attempted to enjoy being shouted at for 45 minutes whilst bouncing around. I do feel better for it but have the chlorine sniffles now! Perhaps this explains my whingey post. I'll do a nicer one tomorrow!


Fer said...

I could say what has been said to me a few times, "it'll only get worse", but what's the point - you know that already and the people who say that should be punched in the nose. They should also accept being punched in the nose because you have the perfect excuse!

So I fully understand how you're feeling (minus the Chloe part), and I know you'll be able to come out the other side with your sanity intact.


Loz and Dinny said...

so you braved aqua aerobics - impressive. Hope your day is a good one. Went to punchbowl reserve for the first time today - very very cool. No work either! x

mimoo said...

Hi Suse,
I have finally gotten around to starting my mimoo blog as I kept saying oh i will start in the new year and I can spend half of sleep time sewing and the other half blogging.
well it seems i have jinxed myself as my little mimoo is the same age as your Chloe and she now has also dropped her day sleep! ekkk! i am not happy about it either as that was my mimoo sewing time and getting orders ready to post time.... boo. plus i love it now when people tell how tired i look.... :-) tIna
my new blog is as i have not worked out how to link yet!

naomi said...

mothering can be so exhausting, but it is so worth it in the long run...they are only little for such a short amount of time.
I am struggling to sleep this pregnancy as well, many hours awake staring at the ceiling! Must be our bodies way of prepping us of whats to come.
I am tempted to get up and do my sewing in the middle of the night...let me know if you try it first!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie! I feel your pain about the wakeful nights. I am finding at the moment that I am awake (wide awake, mind racing) between 1am and 4am most nights and it is driving me crazy because I get so tired during the day! Hope things improve for you.
Best wishes, Poppy (friend of Gemma's)

Anonymous said...


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