Tuesday, February 10


Most of you would know I'm sure what a shocking weekend this has been for Australians and in particular Victorians. The bushfires are still burning and every time I log on the death toll has reached a new and even more horrifying high. Last time I looked there had been over 750 houses lost and there were 3500 people left homeless. Huge numbers of livestock, pets and wild animals will also have been killed not to mention loss of vehicles, outbuildings and farm machinery.

We are fine down here in Tasmania but I think most people are feeling some level of grief even so. I just thought I'd do a quick post to leave some links. I found these via Hoppo Bumpo (Thanks!). Many people have already blogged this info.

Rachel at Grandy and Baa is gathering together donations of handmade clothes for children.

The Toy Society is collecting handmade toys for children who've been left with nothing.

Monetary donations are being taken by the Red Cross.

Also happening is a crafters charity auction see here, here or here.

Juddie from Flightless Boyds is organising a book drive. She's in Melbourne and collecting books to distribute at a later date. You can contact her through her blog or via email (juddie1@optusnet.com.au)


Juddie said...

Hi Suse,

thanks for this post! I just wanted to mention that I've started a book drive, collecting books in Melbourne for distribution to those who lost their homes in a couple of months (when they have had time to find accommodation). If anyone is able to donate books please contact me via my blog or email: juddie1[at]optusnet[dot]com[dot]au.


Black Eyed Susie said...

Thanks Juddie. I'll add this to the list.