Saturday, June 27

Still waiting

Sorry for the lack of news for those of you waiting. I'm having trouble with my internet line dropping out and it just makes blogging too much of a challenge for my current tired, grumpy, frustrated self!

Today is officially the due date. No baby yet though. Lots of signs to make me think things are imminent but they've been happening for a week and half now so I'm feeling very impatient.

Hopefully there'll be news soon.

Monday, June 15

Just gorgeous

If I do say so myself.

Another denim dress for Chloe. The trim is vintage fabric found in Oatlands.

Sunday, June 14

Is it just me or...

... do husbands stop taking photos of you once they have a pretty daughter? Hence this woefully fuzzy and unprofessional shot from about two weeks ago is the only one I have of me in my big bellied state. I've been meaning to blog since I took it but procrastination and slothishness has been winning.

The photo is taken in the soon to be nursery and the unpacking hasn't progressed much since then. It's starting to worry me but I'm sure the babe won't mind the odd packing box.

This is our messy new kitchen and one of our living areas. We've just had the floors in the other one polished so all the furniture is in here and the nursery. There's a lot to do still but we're having to just relax and put things off. Chloe was quite sick for a while so with that and me being too tired now to do much it's just how it is.

Sam and Chloe made this cake for me. We had planned a little gathering to try out the pizza oven but with Chloe sick and Sam doing house removals for the entire two days before we had to cancel. I hope the queen had a more successful birthday. I had a lovely brekkie out but things got rapidly less exciting and culminated with first Chloe, then me, having melt downs. Ah, well, we'll try to celebrate after the baby instead. The cake was very good!

Tuesday, June 2

I'm still here...

...just very tired and waiting until my camera cable thingo reappears in the mess that is our current existence.

I've been meaning to personally thank all of you who left lovely, supportive messages in response to my mother's day worries. I do hope to do so eventually but just in case - Thank you so much. It really made me feel better.

The house move is going well. Chloe loves the new house and doesn't even want to go back to the old one. We had removalists do all the books and furniture so have only had to do the small stuff (of which there is a hell of a lot) ourselves. Sam, of course, has had to do most of it and his lovely brother is coming to help him finish it off this weekend.

There's still a lot of sorting and unpacking to do but I think it will have to wait. I have a desperate urge to get the nursery sorted now so we'll do that first. I wanted to paint Chloe's room and the new babes room (amongst others) but am forcing myself to be realistic. We may just manage to paint the old sixties built in in the nursery. That would be enough to brighten the room up I think.

Photos as soon as I manage to find the aforementioned cable.