Sunday, June 14

Is it just me or...

... do husbands stop taking photos of you once they have a pretty daughter? Hence this woefully fuzzy and unprofessional shot from about two weeks ago is the only one I have of me in my big bellied state. I've been meaning to blog since I took it but procrastination and slothishness has been winning.

The photo is taken in the soon to be nursery and the unpacking hasn't progressed much since then. It's starting to worry me but I'm sure the babe won't mind the odd packing box.

This is our messy new kitchen and one of our living areas. We've just had the floors in the other one polished so all the furniture is in here and the nursery. There's a lot to do still but we're having to just relax and put things off. Chloe was quite sick for a while so with that and me being too tired now to do much it's just how it is.

Sam and Chloe made this cake for me. We had planned a little gathering to try out the pizza oven but with Chloe sick and Sam doing house removals for the entire two days before we had to cancel. I hope the queen had a more successful birthday. I had a lovely brekkie out but things got rapidly less exciting and culminated with first Chloe, then me, having melt downs. Ah, well, we'll try to celebrate after the baby instead. The cake was very good!


Pippi Langstrumpf said...

New house looks great. Nice and spacious. Enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy - good luck with it all. Also, happy belated birthday. I'm going to be that number this time next week - eeeep!

JasperBoy said...

Happy Birthday Suse! 1974 has certainly produced some good 'uns (self included of course!). Curly Pops rocks '74 too. I'm sure that there are many more bloggers who can join our illustrious list.

The house looks just great, I like your kitchen. I think I could help myself to some of that Vegemite toast on the bench, followed by a piece of chocolate cake naturally.

If we don't get to hear from you until after the 'event', please know that all your blog friends are thinking of you and are awaiting some joyful news. You are looking like a beautiful mama, yes you are.

Jen in Melbourne xx

Fer said...

You know it's perfectly acceptable to be a sloth when you're that pregnant! Despite the mess the house looks great.

Happy birthday!!

Tania said...

I wish I could say I was a 1974 babe. Suddenly three years feels like a whole lot of difference. So, er, happy birthday - and there really is a baby in there! (And it's a bump high on glamourousness).

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Suse!

Great photo too, you are getting quite a sizeable bump!

The only reason I get photos of myself is because my camera has a self-timer. Invaluable! Plus, as I am pretty awkward in front of the lens, I can shoot away to my hearts content with no-one else looking on. After that? Delete, delete, delete!

Please take more pictures. They are really great to look back on, and No 2 will surely want to see their progress too. I was a middle child, and now I'm very weary of giving Audrey the same documentation, if you can call it that. Enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. xx

Catherine said...

Oh, I forgot to ask - how many weeks are you now?

rousabout studio said...

Happy Birthday, I too enjoyed my 35th a few months back..ALl was going great until someone pointed out that I was half way to 70...No funny.. Enjoy that bump..

Angie said...

'74 certainly was a good year indeed.

The new place looks great....lots of light!

I keep visiting blogs with cakes tonight & now I'm suddenly hungry for chocolate.

Best of luck for however long you now have...I feel I can't possibly get any bigger (over a week to go & probably more considering the others were both 2 weeks late!)

Poppy Fay said...

Happy belated birthday, Suse! We must be nearly twins because it was my birthday on 20 June. I have to admit to having a melt-down on the day, too.

And regarding pregnancy's not just you! The only photos I have of my pregnant tummy are similarly blurry self-portraits! Every time I ask Joel to take a picture, he says he can't be bothered!

I am officially on maternity leave now and am trying not to do too much. Hope the last few days go well for you...and the birth/recovery, for that matter too!

Best wishes, Poppy x

naomi said...

Happy birthday Susie! Hope it was a good one. Must be such a relief to be in the new house.
Love the preggy shot! Guess you don't have long to go now, hope the birth goes well:) This time round, we haven't taken any pregnancy photos of me (and I only have a month to go). All ours are of the girls as well. Must take one soon.
Cant wait to hear your baby news!