Tuesday, June 2

I'm still here...

...just very tired and waiting until my camera cable thingo reappears in the mess that is our current existence.

I've been meaning to personally thank all of you who left lovely, supportive messages in response to my mother's day worries. I do hope to do so eventually but just in case - Thank you so much. It really made me feel better.

The house move is going well. Chloe loves the new house and doesn't even want to go back to the old one. We had removalists do all the books and furniture so have only had to do the small stuff (of which there is a hell of a lot) ourselves. Sam, of course, has had to do most of it and his lovely brother is coming to help him finish it off this weekend.

There's still a lot of sorting and unpacking to do but I think it will have to wait. I have a desperate urge to get the nursery sorted now so we'll do that first. I wanted to paint Chloe's room and the new babes room (amongst others) but am forcing myself to be realistic. We may just manage to paint the old sixties built in in the nursery. That would be enough to brighten the room up I think.

Photos as soon as I manage to find the aforementioned cable.


JasperBoy said...

Hi Suse,

So nice to see your post.

Shout out if you need a hand.

Jen in Melbourne

Fer said...

I think you're amazing, managing to do all this and be seriously pregnant at the same time!

We'll definitely have to catch up for a coffee, only if you can fit me in though! :)