Saturday, June 27

Still waiting

Sorry for the lack of news for those of you waiting. I'm having trouble with my internet line dropping out and it just makes blogging too much of a challenge for my current tired, grumpy, frustrated self!

Today is officially the due date. No baby yet though. Lots of signs to make me think things are imminent but they've been happening for a week and half now so I'm feeling very impatient.

Hopefully there'll be news soon.


red bamboo said...

Hi Suse! Hope all is well on the baby front. Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog" award. They just ask that you pass is along to 15 other blogs that you believe are 'lovely blogs'!
See my blog for more info

Catherine said...

Ah. Though if you are tired of waiting, I read something recently that said it isn't until the last two weeks of preganancy, and up to and beyond due date, that the body is really preparing itself for birth. All those personal things that you don't really want to say out loud, but which you know will make the birth that much easier. If I had read this when I was overdue I would have been quite happy to wait even a little bit longer (rather than be grumpy and hot and impatient)! Good luck from Lucy and I in NZ. xx

Fer said...

Bugger! Hope all goes well eventually. :)

JasperBoy said...

Thinking of you Suse....

I am trying to wait patiently for your news too.

Jen in Melbourne
(commenting from Townsville, QLD)

The Ruby Pear said...

sending you loads of LOVE!!!! xxx

Patrice said...

I supposed that everything is now well. Keep posting.

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