Friday, August 21

Red Pea Green Beanie

Ok, so, don't let my version put you off making this! I had a very uncooperative model who wouldn't even let me put it on her properly, has been dribbling by the looks of it and didn't want her hair brushed either. Hair cut coming up soon I think.

Believe me it's much cuter than it looks in my photo - go see Michelle's and you'll know. I made it a bit big I think which isn't helping. Oh well. She's growing!

Oh, and by the way, It's raining again. One stunning Spring afternoon yesterday in between all the gray rain. We sat outside and soaked up a little sun and hopes were high for more.

Sunday, August 16

Rainy Days

Evening photos of the Basin at Cataract Gorge. Somewhere under here are beautiful lawns and a swimming pool. We've had a LOT of rain down here in Tassie.

Saturday, August 15

Slow days

Not much happening here apart from sitting on the couch or sitting on my mum's couch.

On Tuesday night I twisted my foot badly and can't get around very well. Such a bummer! I had lots of things I wanted to do this week just gone. Ah well, it is nice to have an excuse to rest sometimes. My very kind (long suffering maybe) Mum has been here for three days, with some help from Dad as well, doing the very important job of carrying Arj between me, his cot and his play mat. Chloe has had a wonderful time playing with Mum and Dad too.

I must admit though, now that it's Saturday and Sam is home, I'm totally, totally over sitting on my butt! I'll set myself up to do huge pile of hair tie and clip assembly then at least I'd feel productive.

Arj had his six week milestone on Monday. Time is flying by. He seems so big now and yet so small as well. How's that for a sensible sentence? I know what I mean.

I've been knitting a Pea Green beanie (in red) for Chloe from a gorgeous pattern from one very impressive lady I met at Niche Market. Mine is deviating quite a lot from her pattern as I have a thinner yarn, the wrong sized needles - a bit small for my yarn - as a certain knitting helper has stashed one somewhere unknown and have just guessed at a reasonable number of stitches. My yarn gradually changes colour too and I decided after knitting almost the entire thing that I wanted the colours in a different spot so started again. So I've cleverly made a one night project last for quite a few night more. Good when you're stuck to the sofa!

No photos today - camera battery is flat and I can't get down the stairs to search for the charger in the pile of unpacked boxes (Yikes down there. As I said, I had lots to do this week!

Friday, August 7

Market finds

I'm copying Gemma and showing off some of my recent Esk Market finds. Chloe and I had some girl time last Sunday. We treated ourselves to pain au chocolats (somewhat perversely Chloe pulled out the chocolate and refused to eat it. Strange girl!) and cinos of choice and then went to the market. Chloe loves to go to the French Bakery stall where she can sample the bread and also to the balloon man. She usually gets him to make her a flower but branched out and went for a fish this time. I got enough bread for the week - they have the best olive bread - the three tiered tin above and the jug. The jug is Arabia from Finland and I love it. My mother-in-law has a couple with different animals. I got down to my last $2 and used it for a bumch of coriander.

The canisters were from a previous Esk market trip.

There is a very small amount of craftiness going on here (not for the shop yet Jen!) which mostly consists of buying stuff for new projects and maybe beginning them if I'm lucky before I move on to the next idea. I'm aiming to finish a few things before I buy anything else. The fabric in the photo above is the Wee Play range by American Jane chooped up ready for the beginnings of a quilt or maybe picnic blanket.

Sunday, August 2


Meet Seagull. He goes absolutely everywhere with us and has done since Arj's birth. He was always a firm favourite but now he's the one and only. He's a goose or some insist a duck but around here he is most definitely called Seagull. Now when we see white ducks Chloe calls them Seagull ducks. This photo was taken yesterday when he was fresh from a little visit to the Seagull salon in our laundry. He could do with another visit already.

I recently hunted down a reserve Seagull online just in case. Needless to say the reserve is so white and plump he doesn't even look like the same species.

Slightly optimistic fabric buy. Quite a few yards from Joel Dewberry's new range. Deer Valley I think it's called. I love them but may have been kidding myself thinking I had time to do anything with them. And this is not all! I'm still waiting for another plump package to arrive. Not to mention the lovely goodies I've been snapping up locally.

Some letters for Arj's door or maybe a shelf. I'm desperate to get started on his room. The poor little bub is surrounded by our framed prints that haven't yet been given a home, a beautiful old huon pine chest I bought years ago for Sam to store his (annoyingly cluttering) piles of maps in and a few other small furniture items that we're yet to decide where to put. I wanted to get started on painting the old built ins in his room this weekend but it wasn't to be.