Friday, August 7

Market finds

I'm copying Gemma and showing off some of my recent Esk Market finds. Chloe and I had some girl time last Sunday. We treated ourselves to pain au chocolats (somewhat perversely Chloe pulled out the chocolate and refused to eat it. Strange girl!) and cinos of choice and then went to the market. Chloe loves to go to the French Bakery stall where she can sample the bread and also to the balloon man. She usually gets him to make her a flower but branched out and went for a fish this time. I got enough bread for the week - they have the best olive bread - the three tiered tin above and the jug. The jug is Arabia from Finland and I love it. My mother-in-law has a couple with different animals. I got down to my last $2 and used it for a bumch of coriander.

The canisters were from a previous Esk market trip.

There is a very small amount of craftiness going on here (not for the shop yet Jen!) which mostly consists of buying stuff for new projects and maybe beginning them if I'm lucky before I move on to the next idea. I'm aiming to finish a few things before I buy anything else. The fabric in the photo above is the Wee Play range by American Jane chooped up ready for the beginnings of a quilt or maybe picnic blanket.


Loz and Dinny said...

very very good scores, my friend! Thank you for the lend of the ace hanging racks - my stall looked so much better!! Catch up next week ... normality looms!

mrs smith said...

Gorgeous scores Suse. Love your work. Hope all is well with you and your littl'uns. Can't wait to see that quilt/picnic blankie finished.


JasperBoy said...

Surely that comment can not be directed at me (scoff!).

It's okay, you've got another week off the hook. I spent way too much money at markets this weekend. I'll be living off beans on toast until pay day now. One of my fave purchases was a Dick & Dora tunic dress (I also bought a boys tee for Felix to grow into). I got to meet Harriet from D&D which was lovely to have a Tassie connection and after we were chatting for a bit, she asked if I was 'Jen from Melbourne'?.....Yes!!

Jen in Melbourne :)

Recycled Relix said...

Hi there, I also like your purchases - but I think I am a bit bias because most of them came from my stall :)And you made me think about my blog so I have been blogging on and off the last few days. Hope to see you in recycled relix again soon. Cathy

TheFeltElf said...

ah, nostalgia! My mum had the blue cake tins when I was small, and how I envy your apple canisters!!