Friday, August 21

Red Pea Green Beanie

Ok, so, don't let my version put you off making this! I had a very uncooperative model who wouldn't even let me put it on her properly, has been dribbling by the looks of it and didn't want her hair brushed either. Hair cut coming up soon I think.

Believe me it's much cuter than it looks in my photo - go see Michelle's and you'll know. I made it a bit big I think which isn't helping. Oh well. She's growing!

Oh, and by the way, It's raining again. One stunning Spring afternoon yesterday in between all the gray rain. We sat outside and soaked up a little sun and hopes were high for more.


Fer said...

That's one cool beanie!

I know what you mean about the rain, I'm feeling rather waterlogged. :)

Kate said...

Love that beanie - she is gorgeous!

mrs smith said...

Hi Susie, hope you are feeling a bit better and getting a little rest. Don't worry about missing today, plenty more mumsy outings where that came from. Ooooh! A treasured tea towel. can't wait to see it.

Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

oh the beanie is sooo gorgeous I love this pattern but haven't made it yet and yours is adorable!!