Sunday, August 16

Rainy Days

Evening photos of the Basin at Cataract Gorge. Somewhere under here are beautiful lawns and a swimming pool. We've had a LOT of rain down here in Tassie.


mrs smith said...

Don't you just love the Gorge in flood? It's spectacular. Hope you and your chiddler's are doing well.


Rach said...

Oh my! I think it was 27'c here today - can you believe it! A lotta rain there but as my parents in the TAS country always say, 'we need the rain.

Fer said...

The Gorge is certainly transformed in a flood!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Wow - the Gorge looks amazing. I have only ever seen it in summer and didn't realise it floods so spectaularly!

Tracey said...

Hello, my name is Tracey. I live in Adelaide and am coming to Tassie in January. Im writing to ask for some help on where to find cute handmade crafty shops and markets around the island. I would love some advice, as cannot find anything except the Salamancar Markets in Hobart. Thanks in advance for any suggestions :)