Sunday, November 29

Yawning but smiling

Man, I'm tired ... but happy. Had a great three days at Niche Market. I really enjoyed getting back into sewing (although there's no way I could keep up the pace) and the buzz of the market. There were loads of lovely stalls and sellers and I neglected to take photos of their stalls again. I'll point you to some blogs as things come up - I'm sure someone has taken lovely shots.

Lots of friends visited, new friends were made and I've had the most social three days. Just great!

I'm hoping to photograph and list some of the things I have in stock still this week but no promises. I have to catch up on some of the very neglected housework.

Sunday, November 22


For Georgia - just to get you a little more excited!

OK, so it's over a year since our holiday to France but I always meant to post a few more photos. I've been thinking a lot about travel lately with Mrs Smith's exciting trip and my brother and his lovely girlfriend heading off to the UK and South America in a couple of weeks. My other brother is in NZ holidaying just now and no doubt my folks will get another trip in the pipeline soon. I'm getting very, very envious so am reliving past trips and pulling out old photos.

Friday, November 13

Gearing up...

.. for Niche. It's going to be a great market with a huge list of exciting stalls.