Sunday, November 22


For Georgia - just to get you a little more excited!

OK, so it's over a year since our holiday to France but I always meant to post a few more photos. I've been thinking a lot about travel lately with Mrs Smith's exciting trip and my brother and his lovely girlfriend heading off to the UK and South America in a couple of weeks. My other brother is in NZ holidaying just now and no doubt my folks will get another trip in the pipeline soon. I'm getting very, very envious so am reliving past trips and pulling out old photos.


mrs smith said...

Thanks for these teasers and the advice, Suse.
What stunning pictures! I can't believe I am actually going to get there.

Merci, mon ami, merci beaucoup!


Fer said...

How could you not be envious! Those photos almost make me want to pull up stumps and jump on the next plane!

D said...