Monday, June 15

Just gorgeous

If I do say so myself.

Another denim dress for Chloe. The trim is vintage fabric found in Oatlands.


JasperBoy said...

Beautiful hair and a beautiful smile. Chloe really is growing from a toddler into a young lady. She looks really happy in the pics, so I'm sure that you have great memories of the day.

My computer is visiting the doctor and so I'm viewing your blog from a small ASUS. Even when I enlarge the photos I can't quite see the dress. Is it the same material that you used for the Dorothy & Evelyn dress??? If it is, then Jaz was wearing the dress when I went over to take her out for a girl's afternoon last week :)

Jen in Melbourne

Fer said...

Bless her! She really is gorgeous.

mrs smith said...

Thanks for coming last night Susie. it was great to see you and all the other ladies. Can't wait fo the next one- hopefully we will meet your bundle then!
Good luck, I'll be thinking of you.

D said...

Hi ! Thanks for stopping by my blog. And YES: wasn't the Brown Owls, aka Hooters, great! I had a hoot!

See you next time. Maybe you'll have new babe in arms.

I went to have a look a your beautiful new house while it was on the market. Friends of mine from Melbourne were interested in it. It looked like a perfect family home. We live in West too and love that outlook.

See you soon,

Sharon said...

Hi Susie, just checking in to see if there is a new little person at your house yet? Can't be much longer now.

And yes Chloe is gorgeous and she grows so much each time I see her, a real young lady now :)

Suse said...

I love seeing little girls in denim pinafores :)

Catherine said...

I keep checking too - you must be in new baby bliss now?