Tuesday, March 10


I think my nesting instinct has set in, unfortunately not in a glamorous, excting way. More in a practical, sensible way. I've made Sam rearrange our laundry and have been painting the window frame. It's given us a lot more space - or at least the feeling of more space.

We're trying to find a new, larger house before this baby comes along but I'm starting to think it's not going to happen. There isn't much around at the moment. Hence the need to start making the most of what we have. I do love our house but it is very small and my work things are taking over well and truly.

Style Collective has a competition on at the moment to win a $500 kids gear spending spree. Sounds perfect for this time when a lot of people are starting to tighten their belts. I'm off to enter.


naomi said...

ah, nesting...lots of that happening here too. I think it helps make up for all the time spent on the couch in early pregnancy with the bucket, while the house falls to pieces.
Laundry looks very fresh!

Fer said...

Yep, nesting is good. Pity you're having trouble finding another place though. Hopefully some good karma may come your way soon. :)