Thursday, March 26

The Market

Deep breaths are required. I'm going to take Black Eyed Susie to it's first market in less than a week and a half. If anybody is in or near Hobart and feels like a little retail therapy this would be a great place to go. I'd love it if you said hello too!

In case you can't read this on the picture it's at the Masonic Temple at 3 Sandy Bay Rd (opposite St David's Park) on the 5th of April. Doors are open from 10 to 3.


kelly said...

Good luck! Not that you will need it. I wish I was there- I can feel a bout of homesickness coming on now... :)

edward and lilly said...

Good luck! Make sure you post to let us know how you go.

Fer said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll be a hit.

We'll be on Bruny Island that weekend so we may be able to stop by on our way home on Sunday. Can't promise anything though but would be nice!

Bec said...

Good luck!!! I bet you'll have heaps of fun and sell heaps of stuff. Wish I could somehow teleport myself down to come and do some shopping :D