Wednesday, April 1

Change of Plans

Thanks for all the lovely comments and encouragement about the market. Sadly I won't be there after all.

I've had a wake up call in the form of a day in hospital having an iron transfusion. It took three times as long as is should have because I fainted for the first time in my life and they had to wait for me to recover enough to start. This just made me realise how tired and run down I really was.

So, I'm doing the sensible thing and slowing down. For the sake of the Chloe and the babe on the way. I had to admit I have been pushing it to get everything as perfect as I wanted it for the market.

I'll still be filling online orders. I have a lot of stock made so it's mostly just a matter of mailing things. The iron boost has already made a difference in 24 hours and so I'll be able to gear up again in a week or so. It's funny what you accept as normal and push through. I just thought that my tiredness was pregnancy with a toddler but this morning, as soon as I woke up, my limbs felt lighter and it made me realise they'd felt like lead weights for a couple of weeks.

I have plans to do a market in Launceston in early May and with 4 weeks to prepare (and all the work I'd done for this weekend's market) it should be a doddle (mostly!).

Soon to come, when we have a nice bright day, a belly photo as requested by Jen. Don't worry I'll keep it under clothing! Also, a couple of new dresses that I'm just thrilled with.


JasperBoy said...

Oh Suse, so sorry to hear of your little episode in the hospital. I'm just glad you were in the perfect place to receive the care you needed.

Please look after yourself! With all the plans that you've outlined it definitely sounds like you are still trying to do too much!!

Don't forget, the markets and your customers will always be there. Time now for you and the babe I think.

Jen in Melbourne

PS - Thanks for the special mention!!

mimoo said...

How worrying for you susie! I hope you are back on top in no time but if you are already feeling better that is a good sign. gets some rest :-)Tina

naomi said...

oh, I hope you pick up again really soon susie! I am glad you have worked out your limits though.
I had low iron second pregnancy, and took plenty of Floridex which worked really well. Mostly found at health food shops.
I hope you get the rest you need!

Fer said...

Iron seems to be such a pesky thing! Make sure hubby takes you to Jail House for a steak every couple of weeks :D

Sounds like a good idea not to do the market, is the one in May for Niche? Good luck, I should be able to visit you at that one.

Here's the link for the baby hat too -