Friday, April 24


Things here at the "House of Black Eyed Susie" are what you might call, in a charitable mood, chaotic. If I let you see into the work room you may feel your charitable mood slipping away and you may feel compelled to call it a disaster area.

We have less than three weeks untils settlement date for our new house (Yay, yay, yay!), we need to get this house on the market asap and it's only a week until Niche Market. I'm desperately sewing but finding myself procrastinating with cleaning walls and packing boxes both of which need done so maybe it's not true procrastination, just a very ineffective way to get everything done. Sam (and I when I need another break from sewing) is painting some window frames that I started stripping a very long time ago and never finished. We also some finishing off to do on the verandah that we replaced about a year ago and have to paint the lounge room as the wall behind a heater we had removed wasn't painted. Nevermind the garden - cutting the grass will be as good as it gets. Poor Chloe is stuck in the middle of all this thinking "What on earth is going on?" She's so obsessed with Maisy at the moment that we've been resorting to the TV quite a lot. I just tell myslef it's OK, it's just a couple of weeks until she has a great new garden and house to explore. I'm sure that'll break the TV habit.

I did have some photos to show you but my camera has currently taken itself into hiding and I don't blame it really. I bet it's found a nice cosy spot under some of my fabric piles.

I'll be taking whatever clothing I have ready, including a range of dresses, pants and skirts (and the two new cord dresses pictured - perfect for winter), to Niche. I'll also have a bunch of belts, some in new fabrics. I had a little fun at Seworld yesterday (when I should have been sewing or cleaning or painting) and if I had the camera I'd show you my haul. Just gorgeous. There will be a few purses for the grown ups (photos will come one day) and a big bunch of hair ties and clips in new fabrics. Maybe some badges too if I get that far. Fun!

I've realised recently that my ideas and plans are always far, far ahead of my current capabilities so I reserve the right to go back in these promises at any moment!


Pippi Langstrumpf said...

The dresses are gorgeous. Good luck at Niche - it sounds like it will be fabulous.
I'm having a stall at 'the market' the same day.

Fer said...

Yikes! Sounds like 'chaotic' is putting it lightly!!

It's amazing what you're managing to achieve, I'm very impressed. I'm loving the new fabrics in Seworld too, especially those Japanese imports!

JasperBoy said...

Love the new pinnies (wink)!!