Wednesday, July 22


How beautiful is this origami ball. It's made by Tassie duo Hideyo Designs and you can find them here although I think they are so busy that Etsy is taking a back seat. I treated myself to one at Niche and have been meaning to show it off for months. They are made using pages from old publications. Mine is mostly text with cells of bright colours (red, orange, almost electric blue, lime and more)interspersed. It struck me as perfect for a 60s house. It's still waiting to go up due to moving, having a baby, being sick etc but mostly due to indecision about the best place for it to hang.

Hideyo also make gorgeous prints, cards, bags and stunning origami flowers. Maybe try The Ruby Pear if you are interested in seeing more.


Pippi Langstrumpf said...

It's lovely!
I'm longing for some of their tree prints. Hopefully they'll be at the next 'the market'.

P.s A big congrats to you! Hope everything is going well xo

Fer said...

I've admired their works longingly at Niche, especially the long stemmed flowers.

Hope the 'chaos' is starting to settle down now!

Little Snoring said...

Yes I too, have been drooling over these gorgeous little things. Lovely.

Tania said...

Whoa there, it's lovely. How big is this (types she, brain ticking over), origami ball?

mistybliss said...

oooh - gorgeous score! I love Maya and Sam's work, and am lucky enough to have a couple of their pieces too!