Friday, May 30

Of trees and lurgies

I've been busy, with a burst of orders and a bunch of clothes going off to Evie Lala, sewing machine problems and a poor, sickly daughter. She is on the mend but has had her first illness other than colds. She had an ear infection and a bit of bronchitis and had to have her first antibiotics. Luckily she loves taking medicine and says me me me me and then more more more.

I have a terrible cold now too and, in a strange way, I've really valued the time Chloe and I have spent cuddled up and feeling nasty. It has made me stop worrying about trying to get things done and just be happy to snuggle up with her. I think 'I must do this more when we are well' but then remember that Chloe won't keep still for more than a couple of seconds for cuddles!

One of the things I most like about where we live is the parks. They have a lot of European trees and I can't help but be moved by them. They remind me of my childhood and the time before my eye took on the ability to see beauty in the grey green of Tasmania's native forests. There is something about the lush green and the deep, cool shade underneath on a hot summer's day that I wouldn't like to be without. I know these trees are so inappropriate for our climate, especially in drought years like this, but I do love them.

It occurred to me that they're is one benefit to having them here than the ones in Scottish places of my childhood. That is the fact that the fallen leaves are dry and great for kicking, running in and playing. I love the crackling noise of shuffling through the leaves and I remember being disappointed in Scotland when it had rained and the leaves were a sodden, heavy pile.

The photos were taken a couple of weekends ago before the colds set in.

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