Saturday, May 24


We've just returned from a splendid late lunch at friends. Osso bucco followed by creme brulee. Nice wine and coffee. I'm, to use a great Australianism, full as a goog.

The three little girls had a lovely time playing and had their bath together. So cute.

Yesterday Sam surprised me with lunch at a local winery. Grilled flathead on chat potatoes followed by rhubarb and apple crumble with custard and apple sorbet. Sparkling wine and coffee. Needless to say I ate a bit too much then as well.

I'm feeling a bit spoilt - and I haven't done much work for a few days!


Claudia said...

Can I play the role of the language teacher and suggest you a correction?
We write "osso buco", with only one "c". I know by experience that double consonants are something completely strange for non-native speakers. But I thought you could profit from your Italian customer and next time couple your fine Italian meal with perfect Italian description!


Black Eyed Susie said...

Oops! I'm embarassed - I should have checked first - sorry Claudia. Thank you for helping me out!

Randi said...

Now I am hungry! The rhubarb and apple crumble sound perfect!

Marie Louise said...

Wow - Osso buco, creme brulee, wine, apple/rhubarb crumble with sorbet - I'm in heaven! Or you were at least. Two perfect meals, two days in a row.
I want to hang out with you.
Just discovered your blog - great stuff!

Greg said...

Oh, you've made me pretty hungry, too. That's a delightful sounding string of lunches! I usually just grab a sandwich!