Tuesday, May 13

Sometimes I think that starting Black Eyed Susie was just an excuse to do more shopping. One of my main reasons for creating Black Eyed Susie was because I wanted to buy fabric, lots of lovely fabric. Then I joined Etsy and discovered all the other lovely things I could buy!

I coveted a Moop bag from almost the first time I went on Etsy but I was tough and waited until I'd sold a few things myself (although, if I'm totally honest it was just that I had trouble deciding which bag to buy). Now here it is. It came about a week ago and I just love it.

The badges are not from Moop. I got them at Cocoon in Launceston and I can't remember the name of the designers. If anyone knows please tell me. They are gorgeous and the perfect colours.


kelly said...

Ha! I got my sage market bag the other day too! It really is a superior bag...we must have had a identical experience...one of the first things I noticed on etsy was the market bags and I ummed and ahhed for ages before finally getting one. I noticed the sage has ended now, so I was lucky. K:)

Black Eyed Susie said...

Oh, I wanted the sage too, and the red, and the grey corduroy. Shame I don't have more money and a huge wardrobe to store them all in!

kelly said...

How's your bag going? The second time I used mine someone at work dragged the bottom drawer of an old metal filing cabinet over the top of it! It didn't rip the fabric but it left a big scar, I haven't used it since! :(