Sunday, May 4


Every morning Chloe puts on her beads. She just loves them and when she catches sight of herself in a mirror she looks so proud. She also love hats and shoes. Particularly shoes. She is most impressed with her new black boots and will point down at them and say "shooooo."
I have a weakness for cute hair clips so today when she wore her new denim skirt for the first time she had her red beads, red hair clips and black boots to match. She was very pleased!


Mean Mommy said...

Just found you through your etsy shop, which I found through flickr. Your little girl looks about the same age as mine, and I just had to laugh at this post, as my daughter is very proud of her bead necklace and her favorite shoes, as well. She just preens when she feels all dressed up!

Love your designs!

Black Eyed Susie said...

Why thank you! And thank you, also, for being my first commenter!

I caught Chloe wearing my knickers around he rneck the other day - I should have taken a photo and blogged that!