Tuesday, May 6

Vintage Kimono Silk

Welcome to the Blogwarming! See the post below for details!

I have a long standing collection of vintage kimono silk scraps. I've been buying these for at least 5 years now and every so often I'd get them out and examine them happily for a while. They are absolutely stunning and some of the silks are amazingly soft - age has softened them even more than they would have been new I think. I just love the intricacy of the designs many having both printed and woven designs layered onto each other. Stunning.

Happy as I was just owning these, I began making a few hair ties for myself with some of my favourites. Now these can be found for in a local store called cocoon and will be for sale at Evie Lala soon.

I'm totally thrilled that these fabrics are having a life outside of my stash and will be seen and appreciated by others. These photos are just a couple of examples.


rousabout studio said...

Great to see you are into the blogging, I also love your ties, have been procrastinating over which fabrics to get done myself at the local upholstery shop...I have added you to my favs... Jo

Black Eyed Susie said...

Thanks Jo, I do mine myself - you should try it!