Sunday, June 29

Pink and Frilly

I was never much of a girly, girl. I always wanted to be out with the boys building cubby houses and that sort of thing. I don't see girly movies or read girly books and, as you can see from Black Eyed Susie Clothes, I don't go in for pink frilliness. So now, have a look at this!

I'm not quite sure what came over me. I saw a bunch of little fairies in town the other day and decided I must make three little tutus for Chloe and her friends. I'm quite enjoying this bit of light relief from my more serious sewing.

The white tulle is leftover from my wedding dress, it's beautiful, soft and shimmery. The pink is new and I'm using satin blanket binding for the waist casing. I also bought the fabric flowers to rip apart and sew little clumps of them on the skirts.

This should get rid of any pink flowery urges for at least a few months.

Go check out the blog of Kristen Doran (producer of stunning handprinted fabric and crafts) to see loads of photos of local shop Cocoon. It's beautiful. You'll also get to see Kristen's beautiful things.


Emma-Kate Castricum said...

All of your things are just gorgeous. I have trouble sewing a button on. It always looks oversewn and daggy. I'm hopeless. Fingers crossed my lack of creativity doesnt rub off on Kitty!

I love the retro wristlet too.


Casey said...

It's nice to dip your toes in pink and frilly everynow and then... although if you arent as excited about frills long term I will gladly arrange a swap with you? I have a tough as nails, dirt loving, boot wearing boy and would give anything for a tutu wearing frilly girl!LOL.
Have you seen those amazing tutu's that have the top layer folded back to make an envelope and then filled with pom poms and glittery bits and bobs? Clearly I need some more friends with girls so I have an excuse to indulge.

x- Casey

Keshia said...

Yes, just like the above post i to need to find more friends with little girls to have a bit of a splurge!! I love the tutus, I'm sure Chole and her friends will have lots of fun in them! Mind you I reckon if i made one for Charlie he would probably love it just as much mind you I don't think my partner would hehe he struggles with Charlie wanting to wear my beaded necklaces! hehe

Cheeky Beaks said...

Those tutus are stunning! Makes me wish I was 3 again. And thanks for the kind words about my blog...

Tees 2 Knees said...

Love your pieces of work. You remind me of myself - so many ideas swimming around your head and just not enough time to make them a reality.

Karin said...

I don't usually go for pink and frilly either, but those are really cute! :)