Thursday, June 26

Retro wristlet

Sharon from Shazzasknits asked me to make her a wristlet/pouch to keep her knitting accesories in when she is out and about knitting. So I gave it a go, I'd never made one (and to tell the truth I'm a tiny bit nervous of zippers) but I found this tutorial which was wonderful. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Now I'm thinking of all sorts if things I can do that involve zippers!

Excuse the bad photos - we seemed to struggle to have any daylight that day. I'm so happy the days are lengthening now.

Sharon knits beautiful hats, gloves, socks and baby pants. The hat in this picture is one of hers. So, so cute! I love this green one too.


Sharon said...

You do amazing work Susie and thanks for your kind words!

Black Eyed Susie said...

Sorry it's not a better photo of the hat. I was blogging at night and had to make do.