Monday, June 16

Winter in the park

I'm not exaggerating when I say that of all the photos taken of me since Chloe's birth there have been about 3 that I haven't been horrified by. This one is OK so I thought I'd post it - 3 decent photos in 18 months doesn't make for many chances!
This is Chloe and I at one of the local parks. I'm desperately trying to make a reluctant Chloe hold my hand so she doesn't end up in with the goldfish.

Chloe was actually jumping off the step which was another little milestone.

In shop news, I've put some teeny, tiny, little birdie hair ties up. Perfect for little girls pony or pig tails. I'm excited you see - I managed to get Chloe's hair into a little pony tail for the first time. She looked so sweet and was very proud.


naomi said...

This is a lovely photo! I have hidden most the photos of me since my last baby (who is 18mths like yours). I actually look better in the photos when she was a week old, as apposed to now. Darn.
I have an obsession with covered buttons at the moment, so I find your hair ties particularly gorgeous!

kristin&millie said...

love the hair ties!! very very cute. i am looking forward to getting millie's birdie pants soon in the mail!! take care,